Potatoes, Sarlat-style; the good fat — 8 Comments

  1. Very interesting about the different kinds of fats. Thanks for the treatise. I’ve never tried duck fat but now I must!

  2. We loved these potatoes while we were in France. We certainly miss them now. Duck fat is not something you find in the US. We will be back to the Dordogne someday and once again, eat it every day we are there. YUM

  3. I’m always happy that something as simple as duck breasts give off so much fat because I can always have some duck fat in my freezer for potatoes. Really, that’s the only way to cook them.
    I wish I could always buy cans of duck confit so easily. I would love to make duck confit risotto. Now I’m going to be investigating a bit more.

  4. Ina, you’ll have to start with the duck!
    Zoomie, I thought it was interesting , too – which is why I looked into it further….
    Susan, I love that people are so much more easy with the foods here…
    Manningroad, maybe things will change? Hope?
    Meredith, isn’t nice to know it’s a good thing?
    Rachel, it’s so nice when I can buy something so good – and not expensive
    Chez Loulou, Sarlat is only about 2 hours away…. tempted to drive over for a plate