Scallop and Saffron Risotto — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, the sevens and ones in European languages are difficult to read. I had an Austrian pen pal growing up, and it was a miracle how she received my mail. Her slashes in the zip code look like ones. I would beg her to type her letters, but we continued to communicate. We still write to each today. Mostly via snail mail. Amid all the bills, it’s nice to get a personal letter from her.
    Rice, seafood and saffron are a few of my favorite ingredients. So, this dish is close to my heart.

  2. Good on ya for learning the language. That effort will go a long way toward acceptance from the French. They like it when we try, even if we don’t do it well.

  3. French can be such a tricky language right?. I totally see myself reflected on your definition on how people get lost with verbs tenses AND pronouns placements. Ce vraiment si difficile, non?.
    Here in Macau I attend conversation class @L´Alliance Francaise; classmates are chinese who speak either Mandarin/Cantonese as mother tongue and English as a third language. Teacher is French, me? I´m the only foreigner-foreigner in there. Our sessions are everything but boring!.
    btw, the scallop and saffron risotto looks scrumptious. Risotto is delicious by itself but when saffron is added is just magic.

  4. I have kept up with a little bit of French conversation over the years but maybe my greatest challenge was on a driving holiday in France when I had to explain to a mechanic that the brake fluid was boiling – no phrases for that in the tourist brochures !!!!

  5. I studied French prior to our trip to France in 2005 where I got along okay. To be able to sit in a room with French and English speakers and socialize and study the way that you do would be like heaven to me.
    Love your risotto and will make it this winter.

  6. Sanura, I hate hand writing addresses. I never know how I should draw the numbers!
    Zoomie, I try hard enough that they usually volunteer to speak English LOL
    Heidileon, that must be a riot! I think learning a foreign language with other, differnt foreigners can have some advantages – and not….
    manningroad, that is the biggest challenge…. Things I am used to saying just aren’t said here so there’s no translation. Did you know there isn’t a French word for ‘rude’?
    Liz, sometimes it’s far too humbling LOL…
    Christine, it is fun, but I’m always surprised at how tired I am after 90 minutes of it. We’re usually the only English speakers…