Tagine of Lamb, Chickpeas and Potatoes; the frozen food store — 9 Comments

  1. The frozen food market sounds just fantastic. I eat very little ‘en croute’ but I do like to stock my freezer for a rainy day with fresh produce. I always stew summer fruits and freeze for the winter and make double batches of soup and pasta sauce so I have it on hand at short notice.

  2. The tagine seems perfect for fall, doesn’t it? If I had room in my tiny kitchen, I’d be buying one of those!

  3. OMG! Great recipe and duck fat! I was going to buy a small farm-raised, but commercially processed duck at my farmer’s market, but it was $28. Luckily he had personally-processed large Muscovy, which he let me have at a great price. That sucker is gonna be vertically roasted for Thanksgiving.
    Whenever I roast duck I freeze the fat. NOTHING is better than potatoes fried in duck fat.
    Do you think a doufeu could take the place of a tagine? Picked a nice non-enameled one up in a yard sale for $2. Enameled ones are going for $300 on Amazon. 🙂

  4. I really like chicken recipes and with potatoes in it! Frozen ingredients sounds exciting. .I think it’s cool=)

  5. manningroad, I have a freezer just for the veg from my garden – and it’s packed full at the moment… Must start eating. If I ate prepared food – I’d shop here:-))
    Zoomie, you could leave it out – forever in use ;-))
    Brassfrog, 2 bucks? Well done! I think any casserole / Dutch oven would work – just have to watch the liquid…. Potatoes in duck fat….. yum!
    Daphne, it was fun, looking at it all!

  6. I love your tagine! I’m making a veggie one tonight to use up the last of the late summer produce. That frozen food store sounds delightful. Happy shopping!

  7. Some people say that frozen foods lack taste and nutrition. However frozen vegetables and fruit retain most of their vitamins and nutrients. Either way it all boils down to the following: read the label and don’t buy foods that are full of chemicals. Still, the frozen food market provides a more convenient, faster, and easier way to prepare food.