2 Drop Biscuits: Cheese; Oatmeal — 8 Comments

  1. Katie, These biscuits sound just perfect. I hate to have to mess with the cutting in the fat and rolling and shaping. Also love the addition of cheese. Your lazy ways are music to my ears.

  2. I wouldn’t call you lazy – no one who lives out in the country miles from anywhere and grows an enormous garden and is renovating an old house/barn can be called lazy. I’d call you efficient.

  3. I shall make the oatmeal biscuits for my guests over the Christmas holiday. I took your Potatoes Anna (mix of sweet and Yukon Gold potatoes) to a potluck dinner last night. People loved them.

  4. Penny, I had to play with the oatmeal a bit – first time was a disaster. But I do love easy!
    Zoomie, oh, I like that better LOL
    Kerry, so glad they were a success! Have a lovely holiday!
    manningroad, made sweet, with jam – yum! (and clotted cream, perhaps?)

  5. I love the idea of drop biscuits, and the amount of time between the ‘can we have biscuits’ and the buttering of them! These look great; perfect for a Saturday morning!

  6. Biscuits? Biscuits? I was getting ready to drool after the white bean chili…
    But really good, and more importantly, easy, biscuits will do. Happy snow day!

  7. Rich, when we decide we want biscuits we usually are pretty hungry and don’t want to wait LOL
    Chuck, easy biscuits, chili, snow, good book, glass of wine…. excuse me….