Chestnut Soup; The Cleaner; the Weekly Menu — 9 Comments

  1. Katie, I loved your story! Wouldn’t it be great if you could see her again. Hope she is doing well as it sounds like she deserves it.
    Your soup looks and sounds delicious. I’ve never had chestnut soup and must find some chestnuts now.
    Thanks for the story and I hope you find another good cleaner!

  2. Terrific story – what an amazingly industrious family! They earned their retirement, big time!

  3. Dunno how chestnuts would be in soup, but they were great in my Thanksgiving stuffing. YUM!
    Cleaners here near Chicago are all Polish. After all, Chicago is second in Polish population only to Warsaw.
    Snow blowing.

  4. Just wanted to say that I made your Cassoulet and it was really good. It took a bit longer than yours because i started the beans thinking I had sausages in the freezer – wrong! – and since we live miles from the nearest shop i had to wait for the next trip out to finish the recipe. I reheated it on the wood fire last night and we all agreed it was the best Cassoulet we had ever eaten. We have lived in France for nearly 20 years but I have never been inspired to make my own Cassoulet until I saw your recipe. I am tempted to have the leftovers with pasta as you did but the rest of the family just want it reheated – maybe with some breadcrumbs on top this time. Yes I made a giant dish full! Next job make a list of freezer contents!

  5. I have found frozen chestnuts to be great in soups. I generally blend my chestnut soups, but your recipe looks delicious. I’ll have to try “something like it” (because I don’t really follow recipes anymore) soon!
    I also hate cleaning. What’s wrong with that?

  6. Ina, thanks, I love chestnuts – esp. from the street roasters this time of year!
    Pam, it would be fun to find out how they’re doing…. but not a clue how to. Hope you find some chestnuts!
    Zoomie, and there were so many Portuguese in Andorra like them, working very, very hard. All gone now, I hear…
    Val, thanks – hope the day is wonderful!
    Chuck, they are also wonderful with Brussels sprouts. Didn’t know there were so many Poles in Chicago!
    Syrahsuzie, I’m so glad you liked it! And you sound just like us – if it’s not in the house it waits until the next trip in. I always keep a stocked pantry – in case of snow. Oh, and reheating on the wood stove – yup!
    Betty, I usually blend them too, but the chestnuts break up just enough for this to get thick and still leave a few chewy bits…. And you’re back! I’ll come visit!