Me Want Cookies! Stone Jar Molasses Christmas Cookies; Cookie History — 7 Comments

  1. One year I made rollout cookies in a variety of shapes and frosted them with a variety of colors. I’ve made other cookies other years, but most of the time there simply is no time. How did my Grandma Annie manage this every year by the hundreds?
    My favorite home-baked cookie is oatmeal-cranberry.

  2. I know you don’t want alternatives but here’s one anyway – give the cookies you’d throw out to a food bank. Your icebox cookies sound like exactly the kind of homey cookie that would be perfect with a cup of coffee. I’m going to try those soon – they sound simple but perfect in their simplicity.

  3. Like some of your previous commenters, you’ve also inspired me to do some Christmas cookie baking – and also some reflections on how I’m glad the name ‘bis coctum’ didn’t stick.

  4. I am cookie mad too – there would be none left to get put in the trash in my house – usually they are gone in under 24 hours once the combine harvesters lay their beady eyes on them !!

  5. I think cookies at Christmas are a very American tradition – certainly not an Australian tradition – I have been surprised by blogging to see just how much Americans get into baking cookies at christmas – but I agree you have some wonderful cookie ideas that the rest of the world loves learning about

  6. Christine, I used to do so much. This year, just a few for a few days.
    Mimi, I made those one year – they were wonderful! I’d forgotten. I make cranberry bread every year – even when I don’t make cookies.
    Zoomie, I would if I knew where one was…. I’ve participated in the annual food drives at the supermarkets, but I don’t know any more than that.
    Rich, yeah, we are lucky on that, aren’t we….. I can almost here the 3rd graders now (and the adults)
    manningroad, I am having to exert every bit of my will power to limit myself to 6 a day. Or maybe 7 – it’s Christmas. 8? Do I hear 8?
    Johanna, definitely American. My Euro neighbors and friends are somewhat baffled by it all. One special dessert they understand, but a houseful of cookies, no.