Pulled Pork Pasta Sauce; Random Ramblings — 6 Comments

  1. That pulled pork looks wonderful, Katie.
    I wonder what it is about magazines. I got my November and December issues of SAVEUR within a week of each other, in the middle of November. Our NEW YORKER comes about a week or two late. And we stopped our subscription to a financial newspaper because it was arriving so late. (Hmmphppphhhhhhhh – we don’t even have an ocean between us and the magazine warehouses to blame as the reason for late delivery)
    I’d love to comfort myself with your pulled pork right now. We’ll have to make do with rapini and sausage….

  2. I love the ideas of the community dinner and of bringing and taking home your own dishes. Sounds festive and lovely. Bienvenue.

  3. You had me at pulled pork. I would love that over pasta.
    I’m imaginging trying to pack up my dirty dishes after a party. I guess paper was out of the question?

  4. Christine, I’m glad you posted the link – I meant to go to your site and get it, but, as usual, time took off….. Thanks!
    Ina, I was amazed at how good it was!
    Elizabeth, and I thought they were just picking on me. Now I have 5 issues of cooking magazines to read…. Must pour wine!
    Zoomie, I was suprised at how normal it seemed…. Everyone with different dishes and place settings….
    Rachel, I would have taken paper if I had it, but, thankfully, I didn’t. I would have been embarrassed. LOL. But next time I’ll be prepared for the dirty dishes!