Roast Duck, Pan-Seared Foie Gras and the update — 8 Comments

  1. 24″ walls, that’d be good for insulation. Love your duck, feathers and all, but I really like your foie gras more. Wish I could get hold of some, but that’s not about to happen any time soon.

  2. Katie,
    Thanks so much for the pictures of the house. Things are much clearer now.
    Your husband is a master craftsman to take that house and turn it into what it is now, and will be. Thank goodness he has you to cook for him to keep him strong.
    Great pics!
    P.S. Your duck looks a lot better than my roasted Xmass duck.

  3. Hello,
    I came across your blog during a recent web search. I am a college student from the U.S. and in the coming months, I will be staying in Andorra for a term abroad and taking classes. What is life there really like? It seems absolutely beautiful and everyone I have spoken with really likes it as well. Please,if anyone has input, email me at

  4. Wow, I am speechless. Speechless about the coolness of that house and the deliciousness of that duck and the foie gras. That house is really, really freaking cool!

  5. I always wanted to do duck for Christmas. I just have too many people to feed, so duck is kind of impractical. If I ever do a small holiday, duck would be on the menu. This year I did the other thing I wanted to do – pork, and boy did I have a lot of it!!!! I’m swooning at the foie gras too.
    Your house looks like it could be something out of a postcard. *envy*

  6. Zoomie, God only knows – and He’s not telling!
    Neil, they’re good – once they get warm. But if they get cold….. Bummer about the foie gras!
    brassfrog, he’s immensely pleased at your words 😉 My duck was not bad, thanks
    Gabe – we’ll talk….
    Thanks, Rich – wanna come work on it? I serve foie gras….
    Ina, we’re thinking of painting it pink….. the duck was good.
    Rachel, the duck would have served 4 nicely. It wasn’t really big, but perfect for us. I did a Crown Roast of Pork once for a crowd that was wonderful