Season’s Eatings – the goods are delivered

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We did it again. 

We had packages going round the globe and, despite the vigorous winter experienced by many postal systems, most of them seem to have safely arrived.

Here's what everyone did:

Chris, of Mele Cotte and a fellow wimp when it comes to hot food, received a baggie of Chipotles from Kirsten, of From Kirsten’s Kitchen to Yours.  She also got a recipe…. For Chipotles in Adobo.  Hot was the opinion… but with a little ingenuity she mad a dip that was packed with flavor – and cool enough to eat.


Chris sent a gift to Kate, of manningroad.  We don't know what that is yet, as Kate had the audacity to leave sunny Australia and travel to snowy Europe for the holidays. She's on her way home, so check this space in a day or two for the info.
Update: Not only did Kate receive a lovely gift of smoked sea salt, BBQ sauce and more, Chris dropped her keys into the box as well.  Very generous, Chris!

Kate sent a gift to Palma, of Palmabella's Passions…. Palma tells me she received her gift on the 24th and will post soon…. so check this space, too.
Update:  Palma got some lovely Macademia nuts and… Devil Dust from Tasmania!  How fun is that?  She sprinkled some Devil Dust on her chicken – delicious!

Palma sent a gift to TikiPundit: her very own Hot Strawberry Balsamic Jam plus a recipe for Cheddar Parmigiano Biscuits, which he promptly made and enjoyed.  He also got some Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly – perfect sweet / savory treat.

TikiPundit sent a gift to Penny, at Lake Lure Cottage: a Ristra!  (What's with the heat this season?!?)  For those who are not familiar, a Ristra is an arrangement of drying red chile pods. He sent a recipe for this gorgeous New Mexico Red Chile which she said was just perfect! (referring to the heat)

Penny sent a gift to Christine, at Christine Cooks. We're waiting for Christine to finish enjoying the holidays… Check this space, too!


Christine sent a gift to Astrid, of Paulchen's FoodBlog?!.  We fear it may be with the 10,000 lost bits of luggage in an airport somewhere.  We continue to hope and have faith.  Lots will get sorted once the holidays are over.  Did I say 'Check this space'?

Astrid sent a gift to Simona, of Briciole: Oops!  It appears to be languishing in a snowbound airport as well. She assures me she personally handed it to the postman.  Um, check this space, too….

Simona sent a gift to Jaz at October Farm.  She hasn't posted about it yet….
Hmmmm I think I might be a little early on this (actually, I'm a day late, but who's counting?)

Jaz sent a gift to Lauren, of Jammin' in the Kitchen: Simple Summer Strawvberry Syrup, along with a recipe for French Toast (of which she is inordinately fond).  It just sounds like spring, doesn't it?


Lauren sent a gift to Judith: a lovely package with Indian spice goodies that she looks forward to using…. but no photos, yet.  Dare I say it?

Judith sent a gift to Ulrike, of Küchenlatein: a box of four delicious relishes from Harry & David.  She plans on enjoying them with the Traditional Holiday Raclette…. Oh yeah….

Ulrike sent a gift to Nancy, of A Wine Lover's Wanderings: a package with ingredients and the recipe for German 'Brown Cakes'.  What a fun gift at Christmas. I'm a little worried that she ate the cookies before getting a photo of the finished product…

Nancy sent a gift to Kate, of Kate in the Kitchen: Oh… I know she received it but she didn't tell me what it was. So – be sure to check this space!
Update: Okay, so she was a little nuts…. 2 gorgeous bottles, one of Pecan Vinegar and on of Walnut Oil…. How perfect for winter salads (and summer)


Kate sent a gift to Stacy, of Stacy and Brian's Adventures in Life, a bit of Minnesota: Wild Rice Pancake Mix and Wild Rice and Blueberry Muffin Mix. I see some wonderful breakfasts in the future – and lunch, dinner, tea snacks…..

Stacy sent a gift to Kirsten, of From Kirsten's Kitchen to Yours: smoked salmon.  J'adore smoked salmon…. Kirsten made this fantastic Smoked and Poached Salmon Spread.  Just spread it on my spoon, please….

And that takes us back to the top – full circle as they say (whoever 'they' are).

And be sure to check back for more…..

This all seemed rather a lot like herding cats this year…..

13 thoughts on “Season’s Eatings – the goods are delivered”

  1. Sorry I missed all the fun. I really should have been visiting more often back in November ;-( Oh well, I wish everyone a fantastic 2011 and one resolution of mine will be to drop in more regularly.

  2. It was lots of fun, Katie! Thanks for doing it again.
    I did post my cookie photo today if you want to replace the one that you have. If not, that is fine too.

  3. Aaargh…. I’m a bad blogger, and now that I’m trying to get the post done, the daylight has been horrendous for photos. Sunshine is on it’s way, apparently, and so will the post. Pinky swear!

  4. Great fun – I was wondering when I’d see this post. I sat out this year there was just too much mayhem in our lives with renovations. It is always fun reading – both what people selected to send as their ‘local ingredient’ as well as what the cooks on the receiving end manage to make with the gift.
    Thanks for all of the hard work you do behind the scenes to pullt his all together!

  5. Ulrike, I hope they do too – could be a weather problem Happy New Year!
    Ruth, same resolution for me – we all need more time, I think. Happy New Year!
    I hope so, Simona. Happy New Year!
    Glad you could join us TikiPundit (got to make those biscuits!)
    Val, it is fun – you should join 😉
    Thanks Stacy – and Happy New Year!
    Nancyhol, great – I’ll come and get it… and you’re welcome
    Ina, good for you – and thanks for sharing!
    Kate…. I’ll be watching….. LOL
    Chris, you are so very welcome!
    JDeQ, ah yes, renovations…. Your’s look lovely. Ours are still, um, under construction. Next year!

  6. Katie, wonderful round up!
    Just wanted to let you know, that I received my package. Just need to post about it. snapped pics already. Blog post is scheduled for tomorrow.
    Now I really worry why the package I sent still has not arrived. 🙁
    Never happened to me before with all that swaps I participated. *sigh*

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