Sweet Potatoes; not Yams; Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes — 10 Comments

  1. When living in West Africa we ate yams, but they were called sweet potatoes. 🙂
    But what we liked best was sweet potato leaf. You’d buy bunches in the market for about a nickel, and they tasted just like spinach. YUM.

  2. Those sure look like yams to me. In Canada, a sweet potato is a creamy yellow color, while the yams are a distinct orange….just like your photo. Give me a yam any day! I too make a similar maple glazed yam dish, so delish

  3. Love sweet potatoes whatever the name.
    I was planning on having them this week and now it will be the spicy version. Can’t wait to try them
    Pour a little bourbon over your maple glazed potatoes you’ll love it.

  4. I love me some sweet potato fries! I don’t make them nearly enough though, because aside from fries, sweet potatoes hold no interest for me.

  5. Oh, there were yams in West Africa, HUGE things that could weigh up to 50 pounds, but the little ones, the ones from which the greens were harvested, those were sweet potatoes.
    And then there were edoes, that were fermented to make a gooey starch (like fufu, made from cassava) that was swallowed whole, not chewed. (Chew it and your teeth would be glued together, really!)
    Confused yet? :):):)

  6. I made roasted sweet potatoes for Christmas Day dinner this year. Just chopped them up into biggish dice pieces, drizzled a little olive oil over them, sprinkled on some rubbed sage and marjoram, and roasted them with the turkey.
    My SIL and her friend (both originally from Florida) looked vaguely horrified when I mentioned I was making sweet potatoes, but I reassured them that there were no marshmallows involved. 😉 That I find them quite sweet enough without having to ADD sugary things to them.
    I got the Southern Girl Seal of Approval, and more than one “I need to remember this”. 😀 Yay, sweet potatoes!

  7. brassfrog, now that just adds to the confusion!
    Ina, the name is all a marketing ploy!
    Zoomie, yes, just perfect!
    Karen, bourbon? That could just put it over the top – thanks!
    TV Food and Drink – I love the fries, too. And feel so self-righteous because they’re healthy
    brassfrog, okay,okay…. I have never actually seen a yam…
    manningroad – you are very lucky – it should be banned!
    Kerry, the spice goes well with the sweet.
    Laurie, it can be hard to get past those stereotypes, can’t it?