Taralli Pugliesi; Ain’t I the Italian Babe! — 10 Comments

  1. Rats!!!! I so wanted to see 25 inch taralli! (Do you even have room in our oven for more than one that size?)
    However, the taralli you ended up making are lovely. And don’t they taste good?

  2. Baling Soda, I thinks it’s the eggs – they have really bright yellow yolks!
    Year on the Grill – well, you could be a Bread Baking Babe Buddy, kind of an honorary Babe ;-))
    Elizabeth, that was one of my concerns…. at 3 am… They’re very moorish.
    Susan, this was fun! I like easy this time of year LOL
    Natashya, baked and ate – me, too!
    Lien, they were fun and delicious. It’s the eggs LOL

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