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Best Mustard Sauce; the update — 7 Comments

  1. Love to live vicariously through your renovations. I’m always in need of a well deserved nap after reading. Good thing your delicious meals are easy to prepare. The sauce sounds lovely.
    Wishing you a very Joyous holiday season and all you wish for in 2011… does that include being totally finished renovating?

  2. Lovely sauce – I’m going to try it! And lovely renovations that are leaving some of that wonderful, gnarly old stuff showing so one knows a bit of the history of the house, but with all the mod cons your mari is adding.

  3. Wonderful pics of the renovations. Sure wish we could see an outside picture of the house to kind of tie together the description of the inside.
    Happy holidays!

  4. Ruth, and a Happy and Marvelous New Year to you as well. As to finishing…. one can only hope!
    Zoomie, I think you’ll like it…. Yeah, it would be a shame to cover it all up!
    Thanks, Bill, Hope you like it!
    Okay, Chuck, next week, the outside

  5. I made the mustard sauce today for leeks, but it worked great spooned on lamb too! Was hesitant b/c of the sugar but man is this a solid sauce. Ma femme thinks it would work on salad. I don’t like to eat salad so will wait for her opinion.

  6. TikiPundit, have only ever used it on meats – family tradition and all that… But I do see it on veg…. Good idea!