Barley with Red Onions and Black Olives; Why eat barley? — 7 Comments

  1. That’s it.
    She’s been much better than me about bringing grains into the house.
    She’s eaten barley for years. And other grains she’s rounded up that I can’t even pronounce, like quinoa. I respected that, but couldn’t care less about most grains.
    I need to get more interested. Not getting any younger. Your argument for health benefits is persuasive, as opposed to her position of “I’ll eat it, be healthy and collect on your life insurance.”
    So grains it is. And beans and peas, I think. Except those desired dark green French lentils. They cost a fortune here. Up to US$20/pound. Nuts. Speaking of which…

  2. Isn’t it amazing how these things are repeated? Just two night ago, one of my friends was raving about his wife’s cholent (beef barley kidney bean stew) and I was thinking about how great it sounded. Even though it has barley.
    But of course, you’re right. I do need to try barley again. I don’t know why but I have this ridiculous idea that I don’t like it (perhaps it’s those years of bad school cafeteria lunches that involved tinned beef/barley soup).
    And yet, as I look at these photos and hear your description, I have to wonder why I’ve decided I don’t like barley. Especially the barley with red onions and olives… may I have a dish of that now please?

  3. I am in total agreement; barley is wonderful. Lamb shanks with barley is my favorite. Barley with a little bullion is quick and tasty.
    But there’s another wonderful grain (?) and that’s buckwheat. Very few here eat it, except ground up in pancakes, but it also makes a wonderful pilaf and seems to have a special affinity for mushrooms.

  4. I’ve always preferred using barley to rice actually, I usually just substitute it in any recipe and it works out pretty well

  5. TikiPundit, love those little lentils – not expensive here… And I agree about the life insurance LOL
    Elizabeth, I hate to say this – but I loved that beef barley soup!
    brassfrog, buckwheat is the flour used to make savory crepes here… I can find the flour, but not the grain.
    QandleQueen, we try to eat a lot of grains – and are kind of succeeding 😉
    Val, me too, but the hubs reallys loves his potatoes. Sometimes I make both – 1 for him; 1 for me.
    RSA, I agree, I think it always works instead of rice – and more flavor!