Barley with Sausage and Savoy Cabbage; the update — 9 Comments

  1. That looks delicious! Inspired by your creamed cabbage post a while back, I made some cabbage. It turned out to be more Asian-style, but was great nonetheless. I tend to avoid this vegetable because when cut up, it gets so voluminous…but I’m always happy with the results when I slice in.

  2. Lovely Katie – just lovely. I look forward to your weekly updates – your place is going to be sooo gorgeous. We too, have been having a lot of meals using yogurt. So flavorful, and healthier than cream…although…I do need cream once in a while too! 🙂

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  4. This looks so amazing – I’ve never had barley in anything but a soup. I’m going to have to have a go at this one.
    The continued transformation of the barn never ceases to amaze me.

  5. I’ve definitely been on a barley binge also…love the stuff. Perfect texture. This dish looks delicious! I’ll definitely be adding it to my rotation.

  6. Betty, it takes planning, for us, 3 meals…
    Kirsten, thanks!
    brassfrog, he’s so glad some one noticed!
    Ina, I never even think to buy cream – used to and usually wasted it.
    JDeQ, if only it would go faster (she says, wistfully) Barley is good food!
    Rey, exactly! All things in moderation! – and html isn’t turned on here….
    Joanne, wish the hubs was a bigger fan – oh well, more for me!