Chicken Rice Soup; holiday eating; the update — 9 Comments

  1. I make a nice soup from a turkey carcass, too, so your ugly one can be put to good use even if it’s not photogenic right now. Follow this recipe, more or less, then add frozen corn kernels and whatever veggies you like.

  2. I like the idea of mustard in the soup. Must try this recipe. Have you ever read Maurice Sendak’s delightful little children’s book called “Chicken Soup with Rice?”

  3. Katie, you make me laugh! I can so relate, and see myself doing exactly the same things! I think I gained 5lbs! Time for exercise, and noooo more sugar!

  4. The cornstarch doesn’t thicken the soup so much as add a more luscious ‘mouth-feel’. Wow, those are great words!!! Each time I read them, I like them better. Enjoying the pics of mon-mari’s work. Happy New Year. Susan

  5. My turkeys usually come out too dark, I like to use honey in my brine so the sugar bakes black. But, very tasty, all that is important.
    It’s 5 degrees right now, your soup sounds perfect!
    And the house is coming together… do you have a target finishing date yet???

  6. Zoomie, I had some Wild Rice left from my last trip to the US – Turkey Wild Rice soup in the fridge (after 2 meals already – made a lot)
    Mary, no, I haven’t seen that book – will look for it. I like (well done) children’s books.
    Ina, it seemed that the more sugar I are the hungrier I was. Not good at all!
    Susan, and Happy New Year to you as well – I’ll let mon mari know he’s appreciated ;-))
    Year on the Grill, target date? Sure, last year. I think we missed it. We’ve got lots of family coming in May and they all seem to think they should have beds. We’re working on it.
    Mimi, I love soup in winter. Wished mon mari shared my enthusiasm… He ‘likes’ it ‘once in awhile’
    Meredith, and Happy New Year to you!
    manningroad, I really didn’t need to hear that – but then you just were in the cold, so I guess it’s okay 😉