Cornish Hens with Herbs Sauce; Herbs 101 — 8 Comments

  1. This herb sauce looks great. I think it would enhance almost any poultry dish – I sure get tired of making the same old chicken. I’m going to check out the pan fried salmon with dill sauce as well – it looks delicious!
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  2. What a great resource, Katie. …although I’d argue about the “best used fresh” for Lemon Balm. Personally I think it’s best left in the garden to look pretty. (I think Lemon Balm tastes and smells too much like lemon drop candies.) When we’re looking for a lemon-like herb, we choose lemon verbena or lemon thyme.
    The game hen and sauce looks wonderful.

  3. Val, yeah, I’m anxious for spring!
    Jill, thanks – hope you like it, as well!
    manningroad, I’m one of those 20% that can’t stand coriander… although I keep trying LOL
    Thanks, Ina, I totally agree!
    Elizabeth, I love lemon thyme, also – often use it with lemon balm for marinades and for stuffing into fish before grilling.
    Jparis, thanks – glad you like them!

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