Easy Chicken Pot Pie; life IS like a box of chocolates — 10 Comments

  1. What a great story Kate. It is one of those things that warms the heart…but then so does chicken pot pie, a favourite around here.

  2. That is a great story.
    I just got in from work. It’s cold. it’s snowing. It’s almost bed time.
    I want that chicken pot pie.

  3. Pam, they do go rather well together, don’t they?
    Val, very strange… but nice. Sometimes, I think we forget how nice ‘nice’ is.
    Mimi, I wish I could send it to you. You’ve really had a tough winter already!
    manningroad, me too – and I get the chocolates!
    Rich, one can never go wrong with those 3 as a base! LOL
    Zoomie, it was. I saw it in the shops today, and it was a 15 Euro box. I’ll enjoy every one!

  4. Simple is true! I’ve always avoided pot pies becuase they sounded too complicated, but this is a breeze! Thanks!

  5. Terry, it was – and I do anything to avoid making pie crusts.
    TV Food and Drink, I did exactly the same. I’m a puff pastry (pre-made) convert!