Pimientos Stuffed with Ham and Chevre; the update — 11 Comments

  1. As usual your mari has done a great, very professional looking, job of work there.
    And the exposed beams add just the right touch of authenticity. 🙂

  2. Katie, the ceiling is looking magnificent! Very beautiful. I am actually surprised you posted so soon. It is so hard…every moment of the day the reality is there that something is missing. Bless you. Keep cooking and keep up the carpentry work. It is therapeutic for all. Susan

  3. Katie – your ceilings and lights are gorgeous! I agree with Susan, keep cooking, daily life sure has it ups and downs – the good news is it can’t stay down forever, it most definitely will be up again:)

  4. Give yourself time and permission to grieve – we’ll still be here when you are feeling more up to the task of writing. I promise.

  5. Oh yes…This is the kind of work that goes with grumbling, just as much as ham goes with cheese. But when he’s done, I will bet you that he will be as proud of that ceiling as anything he’s done. Because after all, it IS gorgeous!!!

  6. That is going to be the coolest house ever. Period.
    And I love that dog in the previous post. Love it.

  7. brassfrog, yeah, he does good work, complaints and all 🙂
    Susan, thank for the ceiling.. as for me, need to keep busy…
    Ina, thanks, we’re pretty pleased with the ceiling, ourselves LOL
    Thanks, Zoomie…. writing helps, a bit.
    Toni, I can here him all over the house when he has a problem LOL
    Meredith, oh yes, love the lights….. so classic!
    manningroad, …..
    Val, fresh would be wonderful!
    Rich, thanks – when it’s finished…. when….

  8. Katie, the roof is looking beautiful! Very beautiful. I am surprised you posted so soon. It’s so hard … every moment of the day, the reality is that there is something missing. God bless. Continue cooking and keep the carpentry work. It is therapeutic for everyone.