Pork Chops with Mushroom Pan Sauce; the only ‘resolution’ you need — 10 Comments

  1. There’s nothing as beautiful here as winter sunsets. Spectacular with clouds that we don’t see in summer. I like your resolution – that’s one to live by!

  2. I know only too well how you’re feeling … but am happy that the smile is now well on its way! It’s uncommonly wet here so we have the same paw problem – now added to with the arrival of my new puppy!! This recipe looks so good I can almost smell it. Another to get my husband to cook up for me – thanks! Gee x

  3. I’m always looking for reasons to make this dark time of year brighter. Food is one of them. Pork chops are like chicken – so versatile. Love the carmel-y colors.

  4. The winter blues usually hit me in February, and March is often a terrible month weather-wise here too…for that matter, it was still snowing here in May and early June last year! I hope that won’t happen again.

  5. It was foggy, cold and dreary here in the Sonoma Valley yesterday so we drove to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park and took a hike. As we climbed, we climbed into sunshine. We picnicked on our favorite rock and then had a little nap in the winter sun. It made up for all the rainy days.
    I’m going to buy pork chops when I go shopping today, and try the recipe.

  6. Zoomie, our winter sunsets are just harder to see – the summer sunsets are right out the kitchen window. The effort is worth it.
    Ina, I know – sometimes it’s just hard to make the effort ;-))
    Peter, you are good!!!! – they were ;-))
    manningroad, thank God our floor matches the mud….
    Gee Backhouse, a puppy! How nice! And what a pain for a few months hahaha! Spring will be here soon.
    Mimi, they are versatile, aren’t they. I think I hate the dark mornings the most – sun is not up here until 8:30….
    Thanks, Elizabeth…. Good food can always cheer me up!
    Betty, March is usually pretty good here, warm enough to get back outside and deceptive enough to think about the garden. May was the worst month when we lived in Andorra – solid rain for 4 weeks, every year.
    Kerry, I used to love doing that when we lived in Andorra. Or, we could drive down the mountains to Spain and it would be beautiful and warm. Here – no getting away from it…. Just endure 😉