Red-Cooked Salmon with Peanut Sauce — 4 Comments

  1. “About 10 last night, like a sore tooth, I could no longer leave it alone.”
    “I poured a glass of wine and vowed to leave it alone until morning.”
    Somehow, these contradictory assertions actually WORK. For me, at least. It must be faulty brain cells, but I can see both of these solutions working at the same time.

  2. Katie – that salmon dish looks so yummy! My DH does not eat much seafood either – but he likes salmon too. I do the seafood meals when he is away, then I can enjoy it all to myself!

  3. TikiPundit, when I’m that frustrated, wine is the only solution!
    Ina, mine likes shrimp – but hates to clean them (his job)
    manningroad, it drove me crazy – thus the wine LOL