Winter Salad of Red Endive and Beetroot; Fun Food Names — 3 Comments

  1. A small hamburger is a “slider”? Who knew?!
    This sounds a bit like greasy spoon speak – “Gimme a slider with hashbrowns – scattered, covered and smothered. And a cup of Jo – Double double”
    Personally, I’m very fond of Bubbly Squeak (aka Bubble and Squeak) and Pigs in Blankets. Actually, I adore them both. In fact, maybe we should have some on the weekend.
    Your salad looks brilliant. I’m a little surprised at its mundane name though.

  2. manningroad, I can get too lost in wondering through that sort of thing.
    Elizabeth, that’s what I thought (about the sliders) – I lost creativity when it came to naming it