Niçoise Beef Braised in White Wine; Juliet’s Balcony — 9 Comments

  1. Of what will you build your new balcony? I rather like the tracery of the black iron but, if you are sitting down, it may impede that spectacular view. You need something low and unobtrusive.

  2. The laugh, shrug and mais oui seems delightfully whimsical. Too bad you can’t predict when it will be that or a slew of permits and your first-born. 🙂
    Your stew, on the other hand, white wine or not, looks positively delicious.

  3. Can I borrow the Maire, just for a while? We need to get our bike shed approved…
    Excellent idea to fix the balcony (and the wine in hand viewing the view)

  4. We have to ask our association if we can do anything to the exterior of our house and we understand that, but it’s annoying when this also pertains to our small garden patio in the back. Rules! That view of yous is really spectacular, as is the beef and wine. I’ve tried a beef with blonde ale recipe before — a French recipe — and it does taste much different.

  5. Love the black wrought iron. We have a store here that specializes in nothing but wrought iron – gorgeous. So is your view, and the dish sounds yummy.

  6. Zoomie, we’ll do something in wrought iron. The big decision is whether or not to put supports under it – and of what….
    Christine, it would make life simpler if we knew ahead of time…
    Betty, our views really are incredible – but living on a hill has it’s drawbacks – wind!
    Baking Soda, sometimes the simple things can be the most difficult!
    manningroad, and the summmer sunsets are incredible!
    Kelly, I like the ‘if it doesn’t bother anyone don’t worry’ attitude. Very French!
    Ina, I’m hoping I can convince mon mari to not buy the equipment and do it himself!
    Kerry, thanks!