Bread Baking Babes Celebrate in Style! — 5 Comments

  1. Oh, I think I missed that Potato Pizza when I looked at the list. That was a real surprise winner too!
    You make us look so good after that wild party, all those bottles, the bed jumping and the feathers!

  2. you recapped all our recaps! i was always a little sad that the pizza didn’t work for me. yours looks so wonderful. happy 3rd anniversary katie!

  3. Tanna, I loved that – I made another with ‘ham and cheese’ Prosciutto and feta… delicious.
    Natashya, I’m craving all of them!
    Sara, Happy 3rd to you, too. That pizza was a delicious disaster!

  4. am I too late for some jumping on the bed and cheering with a good old red?
    I finally put up my post today *shame on me*
    what a wonderful trip down memory lane. I didn’t realize I had so many favorites among the BBB breads…
    *hugs to you my dear fellow Babe*