Bread Baking Babes turn 3! — 7 Comments

  1. What a great project to be working on. I so rarely have a free day to bake bread anymore. It used to be one of my favorite food projects as a teen. Those are some beautiful loaves!
    I think my husband would love for me to be a BBB given the dress code!

  2. Purple skiked heels…check, skimpy apron…check, red lace panties…nope, just embroidered ones…will those do? Remember I’m bringing the quince wine. Yay Babes!

  3. Elizabeth, don’t be silly – purple spike heels go with everything!
    Betty, it’s not always compatible with house renovations, either LOL
    Rachel, the dress code is key!
    Tanna, Elizabeth is always whinging…. Know about the saws….
    Elle, as long as you bring the wine….
    Lien, and to you ;-))