Chicken and Ricotta Enchiladas; deviant behavior; weekly menu — 11 Comments

  1. Like you, we make pretty much everything from scratch. Very occasionally, we use tinned pinto beans rather than pre-soaking dried beans. And also, very occasionally, we use tinned chicken stock rather than stock we’ve made ourselves.
    And I simply will NOT eat commercially processed cheese. Unless it’s MacLaren’s Imperial or Velveeta. Yup, go figure. I adore Velveeta cheese. (Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. It will ruin my reputation as the snobbiest food snob in the world.)

  2. I’m like you Katie – make everything from scratch….except….Mayonnaise. The reason being – I am a Mayonnaise freak! If I made it from scratch I would probably eat it all right out of the bowl, so store bought real Mayonnaise it is. Oh, and canned beans once in a while never hurt anyone right?

  3. If you are going to use canned sauce at least use enchilada sauce and make sure there isn’t any tomato in it. You can find that where they have authentic Mexican products.

  4. Elizabeth, Velveeta???? They still make that? (It does make the best grilled cheese sandwiches – and it melts like a dream in anything)
    TikiPundit, it’s actually a line of prepared foods – but prepared French foods, like cassoulet and tripe…. not tortillas.
    Val, I used to make my own, now I just use puff pastry – so easy (but not as easy, or likely as good, as your way)
    Ina, I only make mayo if I’m using a lot. The hubs has it on his sandwiches everyday, with mustard. Not worth making for that.
    tulsamom, now that would be assuming I could find authentic Mexican products…. I’m lucky to find Old El Paso LOL

  5. Yes, Katie. They still make Velveeta.
    And Velveeta does melt wonderfully. But, here’s the thing. I like it straight out of the box.
    Of course, I can’t bring myself to actually buy it. Someone might see me…. I only get to have my Velveeta fix when we visit my parents-in-law (shshssshhhhhh don’t tell anyone that they buy and eat Velveeta. It will ruin their reputation as very discerning diners.)

  6. I doctor supermarket pizza to make a quick and cheap children’s meal sometimes. I buy a base with cheese and ham on it and then load it with ‘home’ extras like diced tomatoes, pesto, olives, fetta and more cheese. That’s my secret – don’t tell anyone please !!

  7. You are lucky to have tortillas easily available–even though I shudder at El Paso brand, but hey, there is an embarras du choix for Mexican products stateside! When we lived in France in the mid-80’s, there was NADA. I had chili powder stockpiled, and a friend would have any visitors from Calif smuggle in fresh flour tortillas. Bon appetit tonight!

  8. Christopher, they were yummy – cheese, especially!
    Elizabeth, you could buy it, grumbling to yourself all the while about the children – or the old people, or the …..
    manningroad, I’ve never bought a supermarket pizza here – but mon mari stocks up whenever I’m gone… and does the same. He assures me they’re wonderful!
    MaryMary, I still bring chili powder back with me – not here yet. And even the Old El Paso is somewhat limited, although there are in every supermarket!