Cooking with Wine — 7 Comments

  1. Cooking with wine is very natural for us. When I saw your picture of the eggs poached in red wine, my husband reminded me that he had them in the Burgandy area of France. It just does not excite me. Perhaps, if set before me, I would enjoy, but I doubt that I would try cooking this. Love the info you passed on. Thanks.

  2. I always hate to toss wine I enjoy drinking into food…but I also never buy cheap wine, much less “cooking wine.” The result is that I don’t cook enough with wine. You may have lent me some inspiration here.

  3. I love to cook with wine Kate. It always reminds me of my childhood…not because I drank wine but because of the Galloping Gourmet.

  4. I keep a cask in the fridge of ‘reasonable’ white wine for cooking with. I am unsure if you can get cask wine in Europe. I am never tempted to drink it though as really my first love is champagne !

  5. I love cooking with wine! It adds such a great depth of flavor that otherwise you would not get. So right about the oaky Chardonnay – I like a dry Savignon Blanc – works wonders. And reds? A good Cabernet can work magic.

  6. Susan, the poached eggs is one of those dishes you have to try to believe it’s good – hard to make it until you’re a convert 😉
    Betty, I do buy cheap, or at least, cheaper wine for cooking…. but still drinkable… I use so much I have to LOL But sherry and dry vermouth are good substitutes as they keep longer after being opened.
    Val, I loved the Galloping Gourmet! My grades would have been much better at University had he not been on TV in the morning. LOL
    Zoomie, absolutely – you drink a bit; you glug a bit into the pot!
    manningroad, we get it in a box. I converted when I saw the same wine in a bottle sitting next to the box – for a lot more money.
    Ina, when we were in Andorra I cooked with Spanish reds; here’s it French reds – a definite differnce. I like both, of course…