Hot and Sour Soup; wee rant on words; weekly menu plan — 13 Comments

  1. My pet peeve is “pick” vs. “choose.” One picks fruit; one chooses actions or people or such. I choose to pick fruit on a certain day. 🙂

  2. and general misuse of apostrophes, and the whole their-there-they’re problems people have

  3. Zoomie, along those lines are borrow and loan – can you borrow me some money?
    bpf125, have you read ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’ LOL I blame spell check for some of that, at least for me – I know the usage, but can’t type….
    babs, and (as heard on the gold course) How did you play? Good.

  4. I am more irritated by poor spelling – one sees errors left, right and centre these days and poorly written grammar on public notices or ads also urks me !

  5. Mine are phrases rather than words:
    “Here ya go,” rather than “Here you are.” The first sounds dismissive and cavalier.
    The other is “No problem,” rather than “You’re welcome.” I’d like to think that doing something that would garner the acknowledgment of a “Thank you,” doesn’t put one out too much.
    Lovely soup. I haven’t had hot and soup in ages.

  6. Great soup! It sounds and looks delicious!
    Spelling errors drive me bonkers as well as saying, “basically” and “you know what I mean.”

  7. Here apparently, people don’t have a dialogue; they dialogue. And there is my pet peeve. Nouns that have been turned into verbs. Apparently, there’s a term for it: “verbing”. Eeeeeeek!!
    (At least we’re no longer subjected to things that are smurfily smurfing.)
    Babs… yes, that too. I often reply with “I’m sure you’re very good but how ARE you?”
    Another loathsome and inaccurate phrase is “I could care less”. Really. One has to wonder how much less.

  8. One does not “grow” a business, as it is not actually a living, organic thing. One *builds* a business. That one drives me crazy as a small business owner.
    The rampant misuse of apostrophes. As a button I own proclaims (badly paraphrased): Society for the protection of punctuation — an apostrophe does NOT mean ‘beware oncoming s’. 🙂 It particularly irritates me to see it in “professional” ads and business correspondence.
    That nasty habit of making verbs into nouns bothers me badly as well. Can’t think of any examples, but they make me grit my teeth when I read them.
    Why, yes — I do rather feel like taking a red pen to the Interwebz most days. How kind of you to inquire! 😀

  9. manningroad, bad spelling and grammar on signs drives me up a wall!
    Susan, when I’m feeling particularly irritated I answer those phrases literally – no one gets it, though…
    Pam, trite phrases, repeated often…. I agree.
    Elizabeth, I hate turning perfectly good nouns into verbs – and adjectives. Thanks for the links ;-))
    Laurie, sadly, I think language (one’s own) and grammar are no longer taught… and spellcheck can only do so much!