Peas with Parmesan; wascally wabbits; Weekly Menu — 10 Comments

  1. My dog Cora likes peas – even frozen right out of the freezer! Glad you are treating Sedi to all those comfort foods in her declining years.

  2. Oh…. I want to see a picture of the big bunny! I hope they stay out of your way, but if you have your camera handy, I’d love to see what they ones that are claiming your herbs look like… little buggers!

  3. Bless your poor old girl’s heart! I always have frozen peas on hand – do versatile. And, dang those bunnies! And guess what? The dog whisperer – Ceasar always mixes wet with dry – makes sense don’t you think? p.s. our dog will eat blackberries right off the bush without getting pricked – go figure!

  4. We’re in the process of digging up our yard with the intention of making it look like an actual garden again. Ever since we’re living in a big sandbox there are plenty rabbits digging their hearts out/in. I think they have a secret warning system. How would they know?
    Last year one of the cats trotted home…proudly carrying a wabbit… of almost the same size! Ack!

  5. Zoomie, more like declining weeks, sad to say… but she gets whatever she wants now!
    TV Food and Drink – if I manage to get close enough – I’ll take the photo right after a clobber it!
    Ina, Sedi used to eat the grapes when we picked. Not the blackberries, tho, sensitive nose LOL
    Baking Soda, I think they just do it for fun! At my expense!
    manningroad, so does frozen spinach ;-))

  6. Those wascally rabbits. I hope that he doesn’t reach his friends how to get into your garden:D I just bought a package of lovely peas yesterday…frozn at the peak of perfection of course..and no shelling:D

  7. That pea recipe; so simple, so good.
    Rabbits: the bane of my garden. Like you I spent weeks digging in metal fencing, nailing boards over holes and other entrances. Somehow they always manage to get in. I’ve got slingshots and pellet guns, each with a ready supply of ammunition. Too bad my aim isn’t better. 🙂 Thank God we have a coyote living somewhere in the neighborhood or we’d be overrun.

  8. Val, I set up a trap for them – if they jump on it stuff will fall down. I’m hoping it will scare them off.
    brassfrog, our neighbor bought an air rifle (he wanted a .22 – mon mari convinced him that would be, er, overkill). But one has to wait for hours to see them so it’s pretty ineffective. I did hear a fox the other night…. Hope!
    Fat Englishman, thanks – I agree!