Yorkshire Pudding Spinach Pie; shopping – grounds for divorce? — 8 Comments

  1. This is how it goes every time hubs and I have to buy something for the house. I’m pretty much a see-it-want-it-buy-it kind of personaand hubby is more of a research, take notes, compare prices kind of person.

  2. Oh, dear, I know you will find the right compromise and I know you won’t head for the divorce courts, but it does try one’s patience, doesn’t it. Hang in there! 🙂

  3. Speaking from experience, only the strongest mariages survive joint home improvement projects.

  4. It was choosing window coverings for the eight windows and the patio door in our family room/ kitchen that almost drove us to divorce but we’re still married 13 years later!

  5. I love Yorkshire pudding/popovers. I really want to try this.
    I feel your pain. My living room couch is over 10 years old and looking grubby and my nephew ripped the upholstery at christmas. It’s still functional though, so I want to just reupholster it. It seems more eco-friendly than trashing it and buying a new couch (I think it would be hard to freecyle at this point).
    We have the hardest time agreeing on the fabrics. He’ll say he likes something one day and decide the next that he doesn’t like it anymore. When he’s not disagreeing with me on fabrics, he is questioning why we don’t buy a new couch, espeically considering the cost or reupholstering. We can look at fabric swatches at home. To buy a new couch we would have to take the time (which we don’t have) to go out and shop together and start the arguments all over again.

  6. Pam, it’s always hard shopping under pressure. He never wants to buy until it’s time to use…
    Zoomie, I so hope I like it when I get it home….It was getting so late and I was so deserate!
    Meredith, ours must be titanium by now LOL
    Ina, exactly!
    Kerry, oh, window coverings…. yes, that can be truly awful – blinds? Curtains? Draperies? and that’s all before color….
    Rachel, I bought all leather 20 years ago (my first furniture purchase) with the intent that I would never, ever buy a couch or chairs again. So far, so good!
    manningroad, excellent idea! We bought a few roof tiles on ebay that we couldn’t find in the stores a few years ago… forgot!