Cheddar Mashed Potatoes; Weekly Menu — 8 Comments

  1. Katie, I so understand. But cheddar mashed potatoes? That is beyond make it even more sinful add in minced browned bacon bits…I am dying here!:)

  2. Well no matter how much I wish and wish and wish (and lord knows I’ve tried!) it refuses to get warm here. So I am still knee-deep in comfort food. This looks so cheesy and glorious…love it.

  3. I feel for you, Katie, I really do, but I’d kill for some sunshine and warm days right now. Seems we had our spring in February, then March came in and the Lion raineth.
    Love your cheddar mash is comfort food indeed and we need that right now.

  4. The mistake is ever being excited about chores in the first place. They never live up to the hype. Love the potatoes, and so easy to make. Thanks for the post! – Chore-less Gary

  5. Pam, and it happens all at once!
    Ina, bacon is good….
    manningroad, I keep telling myself they’re mostly harmless….
    Joanne, I hear winter is hanging on tight over there.
    Christine, I think when I’m done in the brambles I’ll start to appreciate the spring LOL
    Jason, it is perfect spring food!
    Tv Food, you are so right. What was I thinking!