Egg Crêpes Stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta; the update — 6 Comments

  1. It’s rabbit season! Duck season! Rabbit season! Duck season! (old Looney Tunes cartoon)
    If your after-photo of the bathroom looks like the after-photo of the brambles, it will also be spectacular.
    Need to get out more – I don’t think I ever saw egg and crepe.

  2. So is crepe day like pancake day? Love reading these blogs that take on today’s traditions! These would make a great supper or brunch.
    I was ROFL about the bunny revenge. They showed you! Do they make a leporidacide? Do you have a dog? Maybe you should get one. A nice terrier can take on a few rabbits. A cat can at lesat take care of the babies.

  3. TikiPundit – thanks, Elmer…. The egg crepes are because they’re easier than making pancakes LOL
    manningroad, I never realized it was everywhere – or anywhere for that matter, until recently.
    joey, someday I’ll learn to make the real ones.
    Ina, oh, strawberries…. soon, we hope, soon…..
    Rachel, exactly the same. Bunny revenge…. We just lost both of pur dogs but the rabbits ignored them anyway. We have feral cats in the neighborhood – and the neighbor just bought a gun…. We’ll get’em!