Making gnocchi – it’s easy! Butternut Squash Gnocchi; Spinach Gnocchi — 9 Comments

  1. Katie – love the recipes and your pressure cooker. I must come up with a way to make Gluten free Gnocchi – I am sure it would work. Love the idea of a squash gnocchi!

  2. As a long-time “cocotte-minute” user, I think you CAN use the valve to release pressure, it’s just that it creates an awful lot of steam.
    I tend to let something like a “plat mijoté” cool down on its own, because it enhances the flavor, but often use the cold water rinse for something simple like pressure-steamed vegetables.
    I have made some delicious stews where I cooked them in the pressure cooker, let them sit for a few hours closed up in it (sounds like something Americans would be leery of,) then reheated normally when it was time to eat. Of course, the time-saving aspect is a bit lost, but you don’t have to be fiddling around with the dish while it sits there for a few hours.

  3. Katie,
    You can bleed pressure off if you don’t mind the steam, or run cold water on it if you’re in a hurry, or just let it sit, off the heat. Remember, one of the benefits is that you don’t lose any of the flavorful liquid like you would if you just boiled whatever it is in a pot. Bleeding you lose some of that.
    Great looking gnocchi! Sure wish mine looked that good after I’m done. 🙁 But then I followed some web instructions where it said I had to hold the dough while pressing the fork into it.
    Gonna try it with squash though. 🙂 Got plenty of that.

  4. I love gnocchi and I love butternut squash. Yet, I have never tried making gnocchi with butternut squash and I am not sure why. Both your variations on the theme of gnocchi look great. I should really try. I still have butternut squashes, so lack of ingredient is not an excuse.

  5. Ina, I am not that familiar with gluten-free to offer tips – but I know you’ll figure it out.
    Betty, thanks for the tips. My mother had the exploding kind of pressure cooker so I’m getting over that image as well LOL. I have a friend in Spain that taught me you can actually leave things in any pot for hours, even in summer, as long as you bring it to a good boil first… and don’t touch the lid!
    brassfrog, that’s the reason I bought it – to lock in all those flavors, as well as try to tenderize our tough beef.
    Simona, I’m sure your gnocchi are much more beautiful and ‘gnocchi-like; than mine… but mine taste good, anyway ;-))
    Pam, try it – no one has to see LOL

  6. I have made lots of gnocchi over time – spinach, sweet potato, potato, pumpkin and a semolina version. I love them all but find it time consuming and messy but oh so satisfying when you get to serve up and eat your handiwork.

  7. manningroad, I have a TV in the kitchen to help pass the time… A glass of wine never hurts either. (But 2 can make a difference hahahaha)
    kitchenroach, thanks…