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Mushroom Timbales with Parmesan Sauce; the Weekly Menu; a long walk — 11 Comments

  1. We shopped at a Carrefour in Brussels. It was both an astounding joy and a monumental headache, all at the same time. Kind of like living in Europe as a US citizen.

  2. At least it wasn’t 42C and in the blazing sun when you wanted to your return your screen. I think that these timbales are a nice reward!!

  3. I am working my way through the health care bureaucracy in this country, so I have sympathy for your plight. The right hand here doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, either.

  4. Sounds like you walked the equivalent of a marathon! Sheesh. Why can’t all of the returns happen at the same place?
    This timbale looks delicious…definitely needed after all of the exercise that you were put through!

  5. How maddening! Pizza was well deserved, and the timbales look great! They actually wear rollerblades? Wow. Makes me realize what a small world I live in!

  6. How frustrating! You’d think all returns would be in one place. I guess don’t like returns. 😉 Your timbales look delicious. There’s nothing like mushrooms!

  7. Oh yes! I really like this recipe!
    What a good reward for all your troubles. But, did you actually get another computer screen that works? At the same price? I sense another story …

  8. You have a lot of patience! I grew frustrated for you just reading this. My husband would have been shaking his fists, haha! Glad it all worked out, though. And yes, the pizza and your mushroom timbale are well-deserved. I think I could drink that parmesan sauce all by itself!

  9. TikiPundit, this is the largest I’ve ever been in. One really needs to watch for the roller skating staff.
    Meredith, should have been so simple – never is, tho.
    Val, thankfully – that would have been awful! – Or rain….
    Zoomie, they’re supposed to know?!?!? That would take all the fun out!
    Joanne, but that would be too simple…. The customer does a lot more work here – bags purchases, groceries, carries stuff out, that sort of thing… so this is typical.
    Ina, actually, the where the old-fashioned roller skates – probably more stable than the blades.
    Pam, these are great if you’re a mushroom lover.
    Christine, I got a screen that is wonderful, but, sadly, no, not the same price. That was discontinues.
    Jean, one has to have patience here – or go mad….
    Belinda, I’m learning!