Oven Fried Chicken; Banned Books; Weekly Menu — 9 Comments

  1. I was surprised to see that I had read most of them – not Lolita or the Caged Bird or Twilight – but most of them. I can’t imagine why they were banned, honestly. I’d frankly rather a person read any of these books than watched the mindless, violent, overly sexed stuff they put on TV. Even Lolita.

  2. Wow, I am surprised to see some of those books on the banned list! And I agree with Zoomie – there is way too much mindless, violent etc. stuff on tv.
    Katie – I made a very similar dish just the other night!

  3. I’ve read almost all those books, except the Anarchist’s Cookbook (which I won’t read) and Candide (which I might try and read). My girls and I loved and cried over the Bridge to Terabitha.

  4. Inbelievable is all I can say. What about Freedom of Speech. One thing I know would never be banned in my kitchen is your chicken!!!!!

  5. I have read most of those too !! To Kill a Mockingbird was on the Year 12 English reading list for my daughter last year !! Luckily times change !!

  6. Is this just ignorant Americans (or estadounidenses, I should say, since Latin Americans are Americans too). Do the French ban books? Somehow I doubt it.

  7. Zoomie, a lot of them were banned in other points in time – which I found interesting… some banned now that weren’t; others banned earlier and not now.
    Ina, oven-fried chicken is always a favorite!
    Meredith, I was really curious about the children’s books as most had been honored with awards…. I may have to spend sometime in the library next trip to US to see what the fuss is about.
    Val, other then the Anarchist Cookbook (which was written as a war protest bit) I am totally befuddled….
    manningroad, hard to believe such classics are still treated as trash in some places.
    bpf125 – I believe the French banned Candide when it first came out – but soon came to their senses. I’ll have to ask at my next conversation class about other book bans.

  8. No one should dictate what an individual reads. Only have read 1 book on the list which is 1984 despite the fact that I’m a voracious reader.

  9. debra47, I have always thought I was very qualified to determine my own reading material. Fortunately my teachers and parents always agreed with that. Not all students are that lucky.