Rainbow Vegetables ‘en Cocotte’; a last bit on Sedi, the update

First, a bit more about our Sedi….

On Sunday, we finally decided, after agonizing over it for weeks, that it was time.

Her back legs were almost useless and I could tell that one hip was popping in and out of the socket.  She couldn’t stand without a bit of assistance, and fell regularly.  Over the weekend she fell after every dozen or so steps. I would help her up; she’d fall again.

Her back paws curled under making it difficult to stand.

Each day was a bit worse than the one before.

It was time.

The first problem was getting her into the car.  We tried lifting, mon mari on the hips, me in front.

Stupid me….

When mon mari lifted her up he apparently hurt her.  She bit my wrist so hard I saw stars.

I could tell that she was trying not to bite hard, but she couldn’t seem to help herself.

I was sure my hand had been broken in many, many places.

It wasn’t.  She had broken the skin a tiny bit, and seriously bruised me, but it all still worked.

We found an old blanket, wrapped her up and hoisted her in.

When we got to the Vet we lifted her out.

She pranced right in like she was a puppy.

As I was explaining her situation to the Vet , she continued to walk around his office’s slippery tile floor without so much as a limp or a slip – putting a lie to my every word.

Fortunately, for my guilt-ridden soul, the Vet knew her, had treated her recently, and understood.

Apparently the excitement of the car trip, being in the office, whatever, gives them a bit of an adrenalin rush.

Or, it’s something all animals due to torment their humans in their final moments.

One or the other….

This was after a fall… her last morning, in a bit of dappled sunshine. She was giving the neighbor dog a bark and fell over.  Telling that she didn’t even try to go to the gate for a proper bark.

She never complained… Well, except for that hand-biting thing…..

As to the work:

It’s time to trim.  All those little seems in the ceiling have to have a bit of trim added to make them pretty…. Like this:

And this:

Mon mari is very fussy about his trim…..

He also did a bit in the other bedroom last week:


And he hooked up the radiator so he has heat without hauling up kerosene.

We’re moving right along, albeit a bit slowly at the moment.

Now, since this is meant to be a food blog and not, well, you know….

This was easy: colorful vegetables, finely chopped, lightly sautéed, then baked with eggs and cheese…

Vegetables en Cocotte
Rainbow Vegetables ‘en Cocotte’

1 carrot
2 leaves Savoy cabbage
1 small leek
4 tsp butter
3 eggs
1 tsp Dijon-style mustard
2 tsp milk
3 shredded cheese

Finely chop carrots and cabbage. Thinly slice leek. Heat 2 tsp butter in medium skillet. Add vegetables and sauté 8 – 10 minutes, until tender.
Use remaining 2 tsp butter to thoroughly butter 2 ramekins.
Whisk eggs, Add mustard, milk and cheese, whisk.
Divide vegetables and place in ramekins. Pour egg mixture on top of vegetables, dividing evenly.
Put ramekins into a baking pan (I use a bread pan) with deep sides. Pour hot tap water into the pan coming half way up the sides of the ramekins.
Bake at 375F (180C) for 30 minutes. Remove and serve directly from the ramekins.


7 thoughts on “Rainbow Vegetables ‘en Cocotte’; a last bit on Sedi, the update”

  1. Oh, the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet, the sadness/stress of getting them into the car for the last ride – all of that is still familiar even after many years. So sweet that she tried to hold back her bite, too. She was lucky to have you and vice versa.
    The trim is beautiful, the ceilings are beautiful, the whole house will be a showpiece (most of it probably already is!)
    And that veggie concoction – I’m going to make that soonest. Just sounds wonderful.

  2. This post made me cry. I haven’t had much experience, if any, with the “putting pets to sleep” side of pet ownership. I’m not a dog person but I know they are very, very special to people. You did the right thing though…sniff.

  3. Katie,
    I don’t know if I’ll have the strength when it comes time for my baby Jolie the cat. I know I didn’t for her predecessor, Newman. My wife had to take him into the vet; I couldn’t be there.
    House is shaping up. Isn’t it amazing that now you have radiant heat, just when it’s getting warmer. 🙂
    Best wishes,

  4. Katie – this post just about made me cry. Like brassfrog, if the day comes when I have to let go of my beloved cat Lily…I will take strength from this post. Thank you.
    House is looking so great….as is your lovely en cocotte!
    I am sure Sedi is prancing in the heavens, grateful for the love and care you both gave her 🙂

  5. Oh, how sad. When my husband worked as a vet many moons ago, there were people who just kept their poor, suffering pets alive for who knows what reasons and they never understood how much the poor animal was suffering. Sometimes it is just best. How sad. Your renovations are going along swimmingly and that vegetable cocotte is perfect! I hope it made you all feel better!

  6. So much heart break in your blog, Katie . I just love my dogs and always know they are on borrowed time after they turn about 10. My love to you and all my thoughts.

  7. Zoomie, the shortest and longest car ride ever!
    Betty, it’s hard with any pet… the tough part of being a pet owner. The vet was very kind, though.
    brassfrog, Sedi was much harder on mon mari, she followed him everywhere in her better days…
    Ina, it’s hard – but the eleven years was all worth it.
    Jamie, I’ve seen that, too – it’s just so much harder when it’s your own. Tough taking one’s own advice LOL
    manningroad, 10 is a tough doggie birthday – for the big ones and their humans!

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