Risotto with Lentils and Spinach — 8 Comments

  1. Katie – that would be something I would do too!! We love risottos in this house as well – this one looks wonderful. I can hardly wait to try, what a perfect combination.

  2. Love this risotto recipe, hate it that you burned your fingers. That’s a trick I save for grabbing the cast iron skillet handle when it’s still red hot from being in the oven.

  3. I am so sorry about your fingers. Armenians have a saying that if you burn your hand while cooking your food is going to taste good and so I am sure this came out super delicious.

  4. The idea of risotto drew me to your post on this rainy Friday afternoon…the perfect dish to warm us up! We haven`t had a fire in our woodstove for a week or 2, but we may fire it up tonight too. (pardon the pun) Theresa

  5. Aww, hope your fingertips heal quickly! This risotto is absolutely gorgeous – I love the beautiful color!

  6. Ina, I’ll put anything in them…
    manningroad, it was very calorie worthy!
    Elizabeth, one day I’ll learn.
    Christine, why I thought a glowing log wouldn’t be hot is beyond me.
    Adelina, I like that!
    Island Vittles, we’ve only been lighting it in the evening, which is nice.
    Peggy, I think my fingertips should be pretty tought by now!