Seafood Newburg in Puff Pastry Shells; Bramble ramble — 11 Comments

  1. what a delicious idea for dinner tonight! Good luck with the bunnies & brambles…Theresa

  2. Good luck with the brambles and bunnies! We have the same bunny problem here. Love the wide open spaces around you also. The seafood dish looks excellent, a great meal!

  3. I’m once again amazed at the amount of work that you have accomplished. I’m sure those brambles would be easy with a bushwacker ), but I’m pretty sure you’re doing it by hand. Whew!
    As for the bunnies, if I could, I’d send you one of our coyotes. They’d clean up your neighborhood!
    Once again you’re making me hungry with your puff pastry creations. Don’t stop it!

  4. The fluff-balls are so determined because you plant organic, fresh, lovely things in your garden and what bunny in its right mind could resist? I’m with the terrier commenter. Terriers are perfect for a job like bunny eradication.
    A note on brambles: we have two types in our region and all over my property that will put out twenty-foot canes. Keeping them at bay is a full time job and I salute your efforts.

  5. Brambles are everywhere here in B.C. My late husband used to pic k 200 lbs. every summer and make wine! MMMM
    Some dogs do keep other animals at bay. Bonne chance.

  6. Zoomie, but if we had a dog for the bunnies it would have to be out at night…. Besides… I think we have a puppy coming.;-))
    Belinda, I do have a weakness for puff pastry.
    Theresa, thanks – hope you liked it 🙂
    Peggy, thanks – but what a slog it’s turned out to be.
    Pam, and they multiply sooooo fast! – Like rabbits!
    Kitchenroach, if you ignore them at all they take over in an instant.
    Ina, I love the berries, too – but these didn’t produce any. I think (from past experience) that they have to get really big and old before they produce berries – and then you can’t get at them.
    brassfrog, actually, the hubs has a huge cutter / trimmer with a blade attachment that he’s been using, but he can only get in so far before it starts getting tangled. Then I have to take over and cut the rest by hand and haul it away. Then he does another pass, etc. It’s not easy as he has to lift the cutter above his waist to start. Send coyote.
    Christine, our neightbor bought a gun – air rifle, it works, but only one at a time. Their used to be both fox and feral cats, but I think the bunny mafia had them whacked.
    Dorothy, I love the bramble berries – but, as I said above, these aren’t producing yet – and I’d rather pick from the hedgerows where I can reach them. I had producing brambles in the Vendee and they were above my head in height….