Shallots and Garlic and Leeks, Oh My! Warm Leek and Avocado Salad — 8 Comments

  1. Oooh, I saw the best-looking leeks in the grocery yesterday. They are rare here, so I must make this. When I first started cooking in 1988, I got a paperback Jacques Pepin book via his Bay Area cooking show’s program. The first dish I made was with leeks. It was a slow row to hoe to get that new bride onboard with different foods (I could write a novella on sashimi). To think Pepin wasn’t famous then (but certainly well-trained and experienced). I also got a Martin Yan book that I still have — my Asian boss couldn’t stand the guy!

  2. I tried garlic scapes for the first time last year — yum! They are very like a long, curly, slightly more substantial chive stem, but with definite garlic flavor. I used them in green salads, the same way you might use chives, and I’m guessing they’d be good in other chive-like places. Or anywhere that you want a little hint of garlic flavor without the bite of raw garlic.
    It’s still winter here in Minnesota — snowing today, in fact. I really can’t wait for this winter to be over so I can get back in my garden! The chives need to be moved, and I’m hoping to make a raised bed for herbs this year. 🙂

  3. Katie,
    Great roundup of the alliums! My garlic chives are just starting to come up near the house foundation, where it’s warm. Garlic planted last Fall is not up yet, but it is time to plant the spring onions. Garlic chives are such a pain!! They spread EVERYWHERE and have a root ball which is almost impossible to dig up. guess I’ll have to look into more uses for them.
    Turkey had more leeks than I’ve seen anywhere, and they were long; some were a skinny 2 feet long with three quarters of it white part. Here I have to search just to find them and they’re expansive.

  4. Leek and avocado salad sounds very good. Roasted garlic scapes are very good, fun to eat and kind of addictive. Hope you get to try some.

  5. Christine, the avocados are just starting to come back after their winter hiatus…. love it.
    TikiPundit, every garden in France has at least one long row of leeks….. Yan Can Cook – loved that show!
    Laurie, I love my garlic chives in salads. I don’t think the right kind of garlic for the scapes is grown around here…. yet!
    Val, asparagus – should be soon…. I hope!
    manningroad, I have a long row of each kind of chives – is use them in everything. They’re just big enough to start cutting now.
    brassfrog, we through a clump of garlic chives into the woods when we lived in Minnesota – a year later it had taken root and spread everywhere. Mine are much more disciplined.
    Simona, I hope I get to try them some day, too – and Meyer lemons….