Shrimp with Capers, Lemon, and Feta on Orzo; A Good Day; Menu Plan

Today was a good day.

It started yesterday when we decided to go to the Carrefour to do the shopping.

We had just been there the week before (it's the only store that sold the diapers/bed pads I used for Sedi's bed. Sigh…. ).

When I checked out the cashier asked if I was interested in the cookware promotion.

Naturally I said no.

I normally don't bother with store promotions because usually what they have is either poor quality or I don't need it or, more likely, both.

I don't need cheap cook ware.

For the record, I also ignore store coupons.  They're always for something I don't use.  We drink orange juice so I get a coupon for apple juice…. That sort of thing.

Back to the story….

Yesterday I happened to see the display of the cookware on promotion.

It was nice.

It was really nice…. heavy, solid, well made.

It was stuff I would actually buy.

It was expensive stuff.

But, I still don't need any more skillets or saucepans or pots….

As I rounded the corner I saw the pressure cooker.

You may recall that I covet a pressure cooker.

This was a small pressure cooker, 6 liters rather than the more common 8 liters, perfect for two.

It was 60% off with 18 of the little stamps they were giving away – 1 stamp for every 10 euros worth of purchases.

Stupid woman!

If I had only taken the stamps the week before, with the shopping yesterday added to it, I would have my pressure cooker!

When I checked out I collected my book and my stamps. 

It would take another week, but I'd finally get one.

This morning we decided to drive to Bordeaux and pick up our bathroom tile and a few other things that had been ordered and were finally all in, waiting to be collected.

I've been wanting to get a new monitor for my computer for a long time.

I decided to look at the Carrefour.  Their prices are usually good and if I found one I liked I would get enough stamps to get my pressure cooker.

I'm not always stupid.

I found a monitor – not too big; not to expensive…. Just right.

They only had one and it was in a box that had been opened.

It was what I wanted – I said I'd take it.

When I went to the cashier I thought they'd made a mistake.  The price was 50% off!

Because the box had been opened they gave me half off!!!

And a 3 year guarantee!

I got enough stamps to qualify for the pressure cooker and the savings on the monitor more than paid for it!

One of them was free!

I haven't been able to stop smiling.

I have both a new monitor and a new pressure cooker….. And money left over to buy a cook book! (okay, that's fuzzy, math but you get my drift)

Do you think my two girls in doggie heaven conspired to give me a good day?

(No, I really don't either – but it's kind of a fun thought, isn't it?)

This was a fun dinner….

Shrimp with Capers

Shrimp with Capers, Lemon, and Feta on Orzo

12oz (350gr) shrimp
1 lemon, 3 – 4 tbs juice
2 tbs capers
15 Greek dry-cured olives
3oz (90gr) feta cheese
2 1/2 tbs olive oil, divided
2 tbs Greek or plain yogurt
1/2 cup orzo
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp dried oregano

Cook orzo in rapidly boiling water according to package directions. Drain. Toss with herbs and 1/2 tbs olive oil.
Clean shrimp if needed.
Juice lemon Pit and roughly chop olives. Cut feta into small cubes.
Heat 2 tbs oil in a large skillet. Add shrimp, cook until they curl and turn opaque.
Add lemon juice, capers, olives and stir to combine. Add yogurt, stir well and remove from heat. Stir in feta.
To finish: Divide orzo onto two plates. Top with shrimp and juices.

In addition to this, for the week of March 4 we have Tomato Flan. Braised Veal with Garlic, Spinach and Sausage Lasagne, Turkey Cutlets with Sherry and Almonds, Egg Fu Yung….

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10 thoughts on “Shrimp with Capers, Lemon, and Feta on Orzo; A Good Day; Menu Plan”

  1. Katie…shrimp with anything is a good meal to me!!!
    Love that you were able to get your monitor, your pressure cooker, AND a cookbook! Patience is a virtue…one I don’t have, unfortunately….

  2. Baking Soda – oh, those pastries sound delicious – more Feta!
    Susan, sometimes – now if it only proves a good buy….
    Ina, thanks ;-))
    Cindy, I’m so excited about my pressure cooker (Must get a life…)
    Val, it’s a first for me… I’ve been into Greek lately.
    manningroad, for once…. maybe….

  3. In your comment to Cindy, it’s okay to be excited about a pressure cooker! I got a “stick blender” for my birthday and was so thrilled, I hugged the box!

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