Shrimp with Capers, Lemon, and Feta on Orzo; A Good Day; Menu Plan — 10 Comments

  1. Oh shoots… I have shrimps, have orzo,lemon, capers and olives…and just used my big chunk of feta to make spinach phyllo pastries. Dudd!

  2. Katie – I gonna go with your two girls in doggie heaven gave you a good day! You deserve it, and your dish looks oh so yummy!

  3. Katie…shrimp with anything is a good meal to me!!!
    Love that you were able to get your monitor, your pressure cooker, AND a cookbook! Patience is a virtue…one I don’t have, unfortunately….

  4. Baking Soda – oh, those pastries sound delicious – more Feta!
    Susan, sometimes – now if it only proves a good buy….
    Ina, thanks ;-))
    Cindy, I’m so excited about my pressure cooker (Must get a life…)
    Val, it’s a first for me… I’ve been into Greek lately.
    manningroad, for once…. maybe….

  5. In your comment to Cindy, it’s okay to be excited about a pressure cooker! I got a “stick blender” for my birthday and was so thrilled, I hugged the box!