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Strawberry Tea Bread; Supporting Ovarian Cancer Research — 8 Comments

  1. *Sigh* I have a long time to go before I start seeing fresh local strawberries. Your bread looks like the perfect way to use them when they arrive.
    This is the kind of tea party I can get behind. “Tea Party” in the US has some pretty ugly connotations these days.

  2. Rachel, this was the first week – still expensive, but should get better LOL
    Cooking Rookie, I love scones – I’ll be over to look.
    Thanks, Joy.
    manningroad, I love sweet breads – and yes, a very worthy cause.
    Val, it was reading about it on you blog that inspired me.

  3. I love tea breads, but I am completely spoiled. A local bakery makes a current bread similar to my grandmother’s. Your recipe makes me feel almost guilty enough to make a loaf myself!