Tuna, Caper and Feta Patties – and 2 more fish for Lent — 10 Comments

  1. Where are you getting fresh tarragon at this time of year?
    It all looks great, but I think that amount of cheese would stop my heart. 🙂

  2. Peter, I love putting feta with tuna – or anything, actually
    brassfrog, my tarragon is up enough to cut – HA! It just looks like a lot of cheese – there’s really cauliflower hidden in there….

  3. Tuna noodle casserole … yes I’ve gone back there and now have one we love.
    Really like that tuna noodle cauliflower cheese, might have to try that one.
    Ha, we did not leave spring arriving in the north. They had freezing rain today and then snow. Here it’s 80°. I call that summer.

  4. Tuna casserole was one of the things that my mom allowed me to make when I still lived at home, many, many years ago now.

  5. Katie, I love your cooking, it warms my heart and puts a smile on my face. I love tuna casserole! Back in the day, before I knew I was a Celiac, I was a baking Queen! Seriously, I was. Baking gluten free is a whole different ball game. And although I thought I was a pretty decent cook, baking was my forte. Here I am 15 years later, and cooking is now my forte…however…baking is slowly,ever, so slowly coming around. I am slowly learning to bake good foods gluten free.
    It is a shame your mom did not like cooking, especially since she was good at it. I remember the same..I hated to cook, but the conundrum I faced, was I loved good food! So I had to get over it, get off the pot, and look for joy in cooking. So glad I did,because it has opened up a whole new culinary world for me and my family. (not to mention, my mom was a gourmet cook) So glad you share your wonderful recipes. Thanks, Ina

  6. My mum was and is still a great cook and baker. It was a chore for her when she had a young family as it was for me. I think it becomes less of a chore and way more rewarding as your family grows up and their taste buds sophisticate and they can express enjoyment and appreciation for your efforts. There was very little reward for me in cooking for toddlers and small fussy children who won’t try anything new. With adult children now it is a whole different ball game.

  7. We used to call tuna noodle, a staple in our house, toodle-loo. I loved it as the Friday cook because everyone liked it, it went together fast and it filled you up. Salmon loaf was another favorite. Now I’ll have to try the tuna, capers and feta patties…they sound delish!

  8. I gulped, this look so delicious, I’m drooling, tuna is my favorite fish so this recipe is welcome.I enjoy reading your blog, I always find something interesting here.

  9. Tanna, I have to admit I never outgrew tuna noodle casserole – or ‘hot dish’ as my mother called it.
    Val, moi aussi. Guess she figured I couldn’t mess it up – little did she know. She would be appalled at the cauliflower. Not right!
    Ina, thank you so much for all of your kind words. It’s a real challenge to have to change your life and kitchen style due dietary needs change…. We did that 1 years ago when mon mari had his pancreas removed. Still adjusting… My mother had to cook for her family (her job) when she was growing up and I think that made her dislike it.
    manningroad, it’s never fun to cook for people, young or old, who don’t appreciate it. Age has its rewards LOL
    Elle, my aunt called it that!!! I love capers with fish of any sort.
    Eye care, thanks for visiting – and commenting, Hope you like it