Turkey, Potato and Spinach Salad; Greens, Dressings and Recipes — 9 Comments

  1. I am coming here again and again. Must try the oriental dressing, must try all the yogurt based ones! It’s not really salad season here at all – but I am “making believe.”

  2. “I soon learned how incredibly quick and easy it is to make them from scratch.” So true. Applies to many other things as well, and so true about the contents of the prepackaged stuff!

  3. Zoomie, I do – enough substance to fill up mon mari… I like the crunch – it’s makes it more satisfying.
    Betty, it did here, as well – but we have great hopes for this coming weekend!
    Claudia, I’m doing a lot of pretending, too. Glad you like the dressings!
    Vanessa, I don’t know how people can eat some of that stuff – if they read the ingredients it sounds like a chemistry kit.
    Thanks, Val
    manningroad, and you must be at the end of salad season ;-))
    Kerry, thank you.
    Beth, if I can keep the bunnies at bay we’ll have fresh lettuce soon….