Artichokes: preparing, cooking, eating, & 4 dipping sauces — 10 Comments

  1. Our favorite time of the veggie year, too. The fresh asparagus are now local and the artichokes always are as they are grown just south of here. Like you, I don’t usually fancy them up – they are wonderful with just a little lemon butter or one of your lovely dipping sauces.

  2. Thanks for some new sauce ideas. we stay pretty basic — butter (the girls’ favorite) and a mixture of vinaigrette and mayonnaise (an invention of my husband’s — quite nice actually.) I need to get more creative. But then again they wouldn’t be as simple anymore, would they?

  3. Belinda, I didn’t either LOL. Thanks – love artichokes!
    Zoomie, lemon butter – yum! We cook a few just to have sitting on the counter.
    Ina, we do love spring!
    Betty, vinaigrette and mayo – must try that.
    Pam, you have to try the fresh ones – so easy!
    Megan, thanks 😉
    Elizabeth, come on over!
    Kerry, you have your own?!? Lucky you.
    Joy, many thanks!