Cumin-Scented Grilled Chicken; Weekly Menu — 5 Comments

  1. Your phone sounds very fancy, who knew the French were such techies! Fantastic looking chicken as well, looks like a fast and easy weeknight dinner.

  2. And yet another way to cook chicken! I think I could eat chicken nearly every night of the week for a year and still not have to repeat recipes! So versatile, and so good!

  3. Belinda, I was rather confused myself – plus I had to keep calling me to figure it out…
    Vicki, actually, they had an internet system long before the US did – called Minitel. Who knew?
    Cindy, we eat a lot of chicken and never tire of it, either.
    Helen, I locked myself out and couldn’t remember how to get back in – Ah the days when they just rang and one answered…