Easter Menu — 9 Comments

  1. Katie – I love your rhubarb parfait! I have one too so will post that as well! With my marinated turkey breast, roasted rosemary yam and potatoes, and Asian Inspired Kale…will try for tomorrow, Happy Easter, Ina

  2. That tarragon yogurt sauce looks amazing! You could probably put that on any veggie dish!

  3. I must be so out of the loop but what is “tagged in a meme”??? I am happy to be tagged but need a few instructions please so I am not too useless !!!!

  4. So what time does dinner start at your place? Everything here looks incredibly delicious!

  5. Whooo boy! The slow-roasted leg of lamb is the one for me today. I’d go for the rhubarb parfait but my rhubarb is just coming up over here.
    While bunny ears are good, I am addicted to those those peanut butter chocolate eggs. Yes I know that they’re not fine French chocolate, but they have everything I need.
    Happy Easter Katie.

  6. Ina, sounds delicious – kale? Yum! Never see it here. I love rhubarb – have it most days for lunch.
    Chung-Ah Rhee, it’s good on almost anything, actually ;-))
    manningroad, sorry – you’re meant to post a menu for Easter based on recipes from your own blog – if you feel like it, that is…
    Joanne, well, we eat late enough that you can probably be here on time LOL
    brassfrog, I love peanut butter eggs – forgot about them… Can’t get them here. Something else for the family to bring for me when they come next month. I’ll suffer with chocolate ears for now.

  7. I would eat the ears first too. Your menu sounds delicious Kate. I know I’d have to have a ham thrown in there somewhere wirth curried pears since I never get to cook for a crowd and what goes better with ham than scallopped potatoes.

  8. Your menu looks great, I had a hard time since I’m such a dessert girl. Your asparagus looks so yummy, I must try that. Thanks for playing along.

  9. Val, the ears are the best part… Oh, curried pears…. And I love scalloped potatoes.
    Suzanne, you’re welcome – and I love your desserts!