Ham, Spinach and Avocado Clafoutis; my day

I had two easy tasks today – neither of which would take up much time.

I had to hang up our clothes in the new bedroom closets.

Both the clothes and the hangers were there, waiting for me.

I had to find the pillows and sheets for our bed.

There were only three boxes left in the barn labeled ‘bedroom’ – the odds were in my favor.

I got to work.

One closet has double rods for slacks, shirts, etc.; the other has a tall rod for dresses, coats, and the like.

I hung up my dresses in one closet.  That was fast.

I moved to the other and hung up my short jackets and slacks.  Since I did it all on one side of the closet I noticed that the rod was bending (as they do) and popping up on the other side.

I hung up mon mari’s slacks on his side of the closet.

The bracket promptly pulled put of the wall, sending everything to the floor.

In defense of mon mari, he’s had a terrible time getting anything to stay attached to the walls.  They’re sandstone blocks, and, while they have managed to stay standing for a few hundred years, anything nailed into the stone, promptly comes out.

I rescued all of the clothes and went to break the bad news.

On my way past the other closet I noticed that the rod was slipping on one end, there, as well. Everything came back out of that closet, too.

So much for that quick job.

While he was repairing the closets I went in search of bedding.

Our boxes, which were so neatly lined up and organized when we moved in, have moved themselves while we weren’t paying attention.  They were all labeled, with lists detailing what was in each.  Over the last 2 1/2 years, they all have been opened, rearranged, partially unpacked, repacked, and re-taped…. many, many times.

I opened the one labeled ‘pillows’ (logical, I thought).

It was full of golf balls, shoes, and other miscellany.

I found one labeled ‘bedroom linen’.

It was full of odds and ends, including all the dog toys.  The girls and I had looked all over for that last summer.

The next, marked ‘towels’ (good, I’ve been looking for the extra towels for a week now) had small pillows and blankets.

The next two were empty, just hadn’t been broken down yet.

I went to check on the closet situation.

All fixed, lovely job, braces coming up along the wall from the floor.

I switched tasks to finish hanging up the clothes.  Everything stayed put…. But I had to go in search of more hangers, half way through.

Back to the barn.

While I was there I checked the last 4 boxes; found a few things that I needed and lots that I didn’t.

Back to the closets and finished that project.

Spent the next hour frantically scouring the house looking for pillows, sheets and towels.

I so love being organized.

I finally sat down and tried to relive the many times I have reorganized our boxes.  Obviously, I put them somewhere that I wouldn’t forget, right?

I remember putting them at the top of the stairs, off to the right, out of the way so mon mari could build the wall….


They were behind the wall!

Sure enough, behind the work table with all the plumbing supplies, underneath the boxes of hiking equipment, and behind some extra chairs, were 4 boxes.  In my very own handwriting, on top, it listed what was inside: towels, blankets, sheets, pillowcases.

I was most pleased.

Until I remembered I still had to find the pillows.

Well, you get the idea…..

I finally found the pillows, in a box tucked behind the garden equipment in the barn, right next to that really nice lawn chair we’ve been looking for everywhere.

And that was my day.

For all of you who think we should be more organized, let me just say…

Okay, that would be rude.

How about this – until you’ve lived in a construction site with the majority of your possessions in boxes that have to continually be moved in order to actually do the work, you are only allowed to commiserate.  There are absolutely no helpful hints or words of wisdom that we have not already considered or tried.

Yesterday, at this time, our bed was covered in clothes waiting to be hung up in the new closets.

Today, our bed is covered in towels, pillows, blankets and sheets, waiting to be sorted, folded, washed as needed, and put away… As soon as I can figure out where to put them.

Tomorrow, we plan on sleeping in that bed, so the spare bed, et all, can be readied for our guests.

It’s a good thing I know how to make easy meals….

Now…. I wonder where the guests beds are?

The recipe, Ham, Spinach, and Avocado Clafoutis, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Ham & Spinach Clafoutis.

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12 thoughts on “Ham, Spinach and Avocado Clafoutis; my day”

  1. Hey, I have to give you props for ever being organized in the first place. At least at some point your boxes were neatly organized. Just keep swimming and thinking that someday this will all be finished. Congratulations on your closets 🙂 Good lookn recipe btw, I wish I had time to cook it. 🙂

  2. I am not living on a “building site ” like you Katie, but I have trouble locating similar items and I really have no excuse !! My linen closet is shambolic to say the least .

  3. Zoomie, the first arrive on May 9th – and yes, the bed we’ve been using will be one guest bed – but we need to find 2 more… I know where the mattresses are LOL
    Amanda, you have no idea what those closets mean… and Thanks 😉
    Tanna, I know you know… We’re frantic to get to a point where we can stop and play with everyone – no where near finished, of course, just a stopping point.
    manningroad, they all start out so neat…. then slowly got down hill. My new linen closet was beautiful… until I found the other box of towels to put in…

  4. So it sounds like the easy tasks used up most of the day. I feel your pain as it was a nightmare gutting the kitchen here and I still haven’t found everything. I would move first before doing that again! Your clafoutis sounds really delicious. I’ve never heard of a savory clafoutis and have to try it. Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh wow, I give you guys credit for living like that for the moment. Just think, when it’s all finished, it will feel soooo nice! On the food note, just LOVE ham, spinach AND avocados. This looks delicious!!

  6. Must try because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a recipe calling for avocados to be cooked! I need to get out more.

  7. What a great idea to make a non-sweet clafouti. With avocado too. Mmmmmmm.
    Well done with the boxes!! (I don’t suppose you found our blue handled scissors and the half bottle of Scotch that has never turned up from our move….)

  8. Val, so do I – and, these days, I really love anything easy!
    Pam, I think somethings just disappear forever – go to a parallel universe or something.
    Megan, when it’s all finished…. I keep telling myself that LOL
    TikiPundit – I’m not supposes to cook avocados?!?!?
    Elizabeth, I always look for that scissors, but no luck yet. I drank the Scotch – did I forget to tell you? Sorry!

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