Asparagus with Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette; It’s Asparagus Season! — 11 Comments

  1. On Saturday morning, I went into our little local grocery store, and it was transformed! Asparagus, strawberries, artichokes – everything looked so lovely!I didn’t get any of the former yet, though; it’s still very expensive. I did get some strawberries and artichokes, though. Yum!

  2. I got a bunch yesterday! They are not cheap, but who can resist fresh asparagus? (Especially after seeing the array of your recipes, Kathy.)

  3. I’m not a huge white asparagus fan yet… I’m American, so even at my French grocery store, I find myself searching for the skinny green ones for roasting… hope I can find some soon!

  4. The big fat white asparagus is not commonly seen here in Australia. We mostly have the thin green variety. At its peak it is very inexpensive.

  5. We’ve been harvesting asparagus from the garden for a month or so and have just one more picking. I always steam it for 4 minutes and then chill it in ice water, but I’m going to try your technique for sauteeing in a non-stick skillet and then serve it hot- it’s time I branched out, and I like the idea that it’ll be slightly brown.

  6. What?!! It’s asparagus season where you are? That’s SO unfair!
    I can’t wait for asparagus season here – which won’t be until June at least. Perhaps it will be warm enough by then to barbecue and we can cook our asparagus in our barbecue wok with baby onions.

  7. Kalyn, we like it best when it’s simple.
    Zoomie, my hubs favorite time of year – the ‘A’s (asparagus, artichokes and avocados)
    Val, ours isn’t local – but close – at least in France or Spain.
    Betty, now is when I really like the local markets… I can get cauliflower anywhere in winter ;-))
    Simona, once spring is here we have to indulge!
    Emiglia, I don’t like the really fat ones, either – but the skinnier violet are good.
    manningroad, most Europeans like the white – esp. the Germans and Spanish.
    Shelby, I usually get 1 kilo a week in season… we use it!
    Kerry, lucky you! I’ve tried growing it but without much success.
    Elizabeth, June!!!?! That’s almost courgette season! Poor thing. I’d send you some, but….