Pan-Fried Salmon with Lemon and Capers; Google Recipe View, Weekly Menu

Housekeeping day – a few things I’d like to announce, tidy up, complain about and ask opinions on…. In no particular order.

  1. If you would like to receive my Kitchen Tip and Weekly Menu email, sent each Friday, leave a comment and I’ll put you on the mailing list.
  2. I will be changing my domain name later today – from to Typepad tells me this will be transparent and no one will notice – but, just in case, I would like you all to know.
  3. Google’s Recipe View.  What do all of you who are food bloggers think about this?  Are you going to bring your entire blog up to code? Future recipes? Ignore it?What do the rest of you who are recipe seekers think about this?  Are you happy with only having a smidgen of the web available in this new search?Here is an excellent post by Lydia, of Perfect Pantry on her views.I spent an afternoon quickly seeing how easy it would be to comply with Google’s requirements so that I could be included in their new search.  I was unsuccessful, and frankly don’t have more time at the moment to spend.  I was only thinking about my new posts – going forward.  I calculated that it would take me (once I figure it out) 250 hours to bring my entire blog into compliance -assuming it would take me only 15 minutes to modify each recipe and insert the appropriate HTML.  That’s a lot of time – and with no guarantee that Google will ‘accept’ me.My opinion: This is terribly unfair to food bloggers who do not have the staff required to do all the extra work to comply and terribly unfair to recipe seekers who, if they use this service, will miss out on all of the wonderful recipes submitted by said food bloggers.  They will only be viewing the recipes from the big, professional sites.

    How sad.  We are not pleased.

    Google, on the other hand, seems inordinately pleased with itself – as do the techies who support it.  Are we food bloggers so unimportant?

That wasn’t so bad, now was it?  (I must be losing my touch – or it could be the sunshine beckoning….)

On to the food!

Lemon and capers combine to add lots of flavor to this simple preparation. Quickly seared, they can finish cooking over low heat while you enjoy a simple first course of Perfect Scrambled Eggs with Green Garlic and glass of rosé.

The recipe, Pan-Fried Salmon with Lemon and Capers, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Salmon with Lemon & Capers.

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13 thoughts on “Pan-Fried Salmon with Lemon and Capers; Google Recipe View, Weekly Menu”

  1. Mmm, I am in love with this recipe. Capers should be compulsory with all meals.
    I too am deeply displeased about Google’s recipe view. I looked at the amount of coding that each recipe would need and laughed hysterically. Life actually is too short and there is no way that I am going to be able to do this unless Typepad creates an easy-to use template integrated into its editor. It royally annoys me that my traffic is likely to plummet because the big corporates will hog all the traffic. BOOOOOOOOO!!!

  2. My love for salmon is legendary (in my own mind)so this recipe is perfect for me. As far as Google goes when I am seeking a recipe one of the first places I look is my fellow blogs so this is a sad day indeed.

  3. Katie – Love any kind of salmon dish – so lovely. As for google…I am with you, and although I too prefer to look to my fellow bloggers…as bellini said this is indeed a sad day! Dang! Not happy about this one.

  4. I was not aware of this change by Google and it’s too bad. I usually like the food bloggers’ recipes more than the big recipe places, altho’ I do use quite a bit. My blog gets so little traffic that I doubt if it will make much difference to me, but I can see how someone who is relying on their blog for income would be greatly disappointed.

  5. Love this recipe. I just changed my blog url as well and the switch has gone pretty smoothly with a few minor things I need to work on.
    Personally I am not seeing much change in my percentage of search engine traffic so far so I’m not jumping into adding the rich snippets to show up in Google Recipe Search.

  6. I’m not pleases but I’m sure bloggers will catch up with some easy coding. Life goes on and we’ll be back up. Our food is real and trustworthy and complements professional sites. Just look at your salmon as an example.

  7. Well, I tried adding the rich snippets to my recipe and it did not go well. When I save the recipe, the snippets are somehow deleted in the process, but not always. Then I discovered that the printer-friendly code I add to the page somehow conflicts with the recipe div and as a result, it does not show the list of ingredients. So, after spending a number of hours trying to make all the different pieces get along together, I gave up. I think that as long as my blog is hosted and I don’t have complete control of the page code, it’s a lost battle. I don’t mean to discourage people: each one of us has a different situation in terms of hosting service and level of involvement with the innards of the code. I’d much rather spend my time having fun in the kitchen. I’d have a piece of your salmon any time, Kathy.

  8. I’ve tried using Google Recipe View to search for recipes and was so annoyed that it didn’t contain any blog’s recipes that I just decided I’d rather do a regular google search. I imagine that most people will feel the same way. Or the intelligent people at google can find a better way for it’s search engine to discern recipe posts from other posts. It should just have a way to enter your site into some kind of index if it’s mainly a recipe-oriented site. Ack. Not worth my time or energy unless I see a real serious dip in my traffic.
    I LOVE this salmon dish…those capers…and the lemon…my kind of meal!

  9. Jeaqnne, I asked Typepad if they were going to do something – they seemed to think it was so simple that why was I even asking…..
    Val, I do the same – I usually avoid the big sites – not as interesting. But, that’s we food bloggers.
    Ina, I’m surprised there’s not more being written about it.
    Zoomie, it really is unfair. I would think Google could do better.
    Kalyn, I don’t like the idea of having to change all of my recipes AND add the snippets. The key words are there, I would think that would suffice.
    Peter, the thing that bothers me is the history, changing all of the old recipes. I hope you’re right.
    Simona, mine is hosted, as well and I think that can make it easier or much more difficult…. still unfair
    Joanne, I agree completely… Seems like Google is taking tha lazy way out for this one.
    Pam, and you are welcome!

  10. I am ignoring this latest idiocy of google and hoping it goes away.
    I love the sound of salmon with lemon and capers. We always have a dilemma with salmon. Should it be served with pesto? Or with dilled mayonnaise? Or with Green Peppercorn Sauce? NOW there’s one more to add. Thank you very much, Katie!
    (The only thing that happened with your name change is that I was asked if I would accept the cookie.)

  11. Elizabeth, I hope we can ignore it…. Maybe they’ll see the light and be kind to us….
    Linda, done – and thank you. I don’t want to only find the big sites either.

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