Parmesan Oven Fries; Congrats! It’s a girl (puppy) — 22 Comments

  1. Well, isn’t that just lovely news? I’m happy for you and I know you’ll enjoy the puppy even tho’ it means housebreaking and chewing and all those other crazy things that puppies do. Congratulations! I hope she looks like her mother!

  2. Very, very excited to hear about your new little girl!
    These look delicious. I have a big bag of potatoes so I’ll have to give them a try.

  3. Katie, Would that be green can parmesan or the good stuff? No matter the weather, fries are great!
    Congrats on the new pup coming your way! Perhaps she will already be trained when you get her? Ha! Wouldn’t that be nice???

  4. Fantastic! I bet Misty will be a bouncing handful of joy for you so keep us up to date, with photographs as you always post. That is quite interesting about treating the puppies differently if they are going to work. I had only heard that the Great Pyrenees were socialized from early age to the animals they would be guarding (at least, in Europe).
    Am desperate to do oven-baked fries well, but the Kenmore brand’s gas oven is really crap compared to the surprisingly good stovetop cookers; nothing bakes well and I still haven’t figured out if it’s the altitude, humidity, or the infamous Chupacabra that roams this high desert at night, causing mischief and scaring children.

  5. Happy, happy news! It’s very special when you can adopt from the same family. It happened with us, too, and I do believe in predestiny. : )
    Best Wishes!

  6. Oh, that would be great Katie! That will definitely stir your days up in a good way. Your fries look delicious!

  7. Don’t these look delicious? I can see them pairing nicely with burgers (though then we;d be using the stove and the grill….hmmm)

  8. Congrats on the new pup in the house. I’m jealous. I really want a dog but travel time makes me reluctant to have one. One of these days…
    Oven fries are wonderful, especially with Parmesan. We’re still getting some cool evenings here in San Francisco–still time to make these. 🙂

  9. You may even get a bunny catcher with your new puppy! How fun!! When we went looking for a dog, I was looking for an adult dog…but destiny brought us a 5-6 month old abandoned puppy. True, she chewed up a lot of stuff at first, but we really love her.

  10. I love homemade fries. Yours with parmesan look yummy. I will have to try with dinner tonight.
    Dogs are so great to have around. Right now I live in an apartment with no animals allowed. I cannot wait to go somewhere that accepts dogs. My husbands family has two mastifs.

  11. Suffering with parmesan oven fries sounds like the kind of suffering I’d be inclined to experience. These look delicious!
    Congrats on the puppy! I’m jealous…I really want one but our building won’t let us have one!

  12. Yay for the puppy! It certainly does seem like fate.
    And I am all about the cheesy fries. 🙂

  13. Zoomie, Oh, yes, I remember all that puppy stuff – and mom, Misty, was a chewer… I foresee lots of rawhide
    LouLou, we’re excited, too – wish we could go and see her now… No time!
    Cindy, already trained? Yes, that would be nice…. I use the fresh stuff – no green cans here… But it would probably work – a little saltier, tho, I think.
    Baking Soda, yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of – and looking forward to. At least it’s summer!
    TikiPundit, one of the males is going up in the mountains to live with ‘his’ sheep in another month. The flocks still go up and down the mountains with the seasons here.
    Thanks, Megan, and yes, these are good comfort food..
    Susan, absolutley I believe. Thanks.
    Thanks, Ina ;-))
    Pam, I’m looking forward to having company on my walks.
    Thanks, Linda!
    Amy, we often use the stove and the grill – but I think you could do these on a gas grill with the cover closed…. Just thinking ahead.
    Joey, we hope so!
    Jean, we had decided not to get another dog…. That decision lasted until our 2 were gone. Need a dog!
    Meredith, I’m convinced that somewhere, something / someone oversees the pairings of human to dog – don’t fight it LOL
    Emily, our new little girl’s daddy is mastif, as was our Emma’s. Nice dogs.
    Thanks, Joanne. Dogs in apartments come with their own special challenges – it’s easier with a big area to run in. But walks are good for both human and dog!
    Natashya, I did rather think so, myself 😉
    manningroad, you’re on!
    Val, yeah… our friend said he’ll send pictures. Soon, I hope

  14. I’m chiming in late here. You have been on my mind. I have been picturing your dogless existance and wondering how you were doing. I know it would be rough for us. So glad you will have a new walking companion.

  15. Penny, I really do still miss them. Something is just not right about walking to the post box or down to the garden by myself. And the hubs just doesn’t get all that excited about it LOL (the walk, I mean; he’s excited about the new puppy)