Pizza Quiche; buying tires can be tricky — 10 Comments

  1. You just gave me the best laugh of the morning…a tire shop that didn’t know what how to take your tires off…now this quiche is hearty and filling and I guess worth the wait….

  2. Oh man that is FRUSTRATING! How could they really not know how to take tires off?!?!? That would be like me saying I didn’t know how to take a pulse or blood pressure. Silly.
    This quiche looks absolutely delicious! I’ll take pizza in whatever way I can get it.

  3. I am laughing too! I love your stories! Wow…Italy, so so lucky! And I am with you…tired of winter cooking. We are still drowning in our neck of the woods, only saw a peek of the sun yesterday. Can I come live at your house?

  4. Never before in my entire life have I heard of tire sellers who don’t know how to get a tire off. Life in France seems filled with these surprising happenings. Keeps you on your toes.

  5. I just burst out laughing about this. It took me straight back to Brussels. What are those Stages of Grief, again? We went through them there, and eventually accepted a different standard of life.

  6. The tyre story is tres amusant. I am so totally bored with car/mechanical things too. I remember once a long time ago travelling in France having to tell a mechanic in my best French that the the brake fluid was boiling – quite a challenge.

  7. I’m constantly amazed at the lack of skill and service from various service centres I’ve visited. How sad to hear that this phenomenon is not confined to our area.
    (I was thinking about the spare beds for the family members returning from Italy with you. Perhaps they can put sheets and blankets on the old tires.)

  8. Belinda, glad to start your day with a smile….
    Joanne, silly is exactly right – and then to expect me to fix it!
    Ina, come on over ;-))
    Zoomie, I was amazed…
    TikiPundit, all one can do is accept… and laugh later ;-))
    Betty, you probably use a proper crust 😉
    manningroad, I do computers – I don’t do cars….
    Elizabeth, Ha! I have inflatable mattresses – if they’re nice I’ll even help blow them up!

  9. A tire shop who doesn’t know how to take off tires? Well, I think that is not possible. A good management should know every areas of its business.